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Cupcake Station

Cupcake Station: Great Stop for Cupcakes on Campus

The Cupcake Station has the best cupcakes in Ann Arbor.   My parents have been sampling cupcakes as part of their regularly scheduled retirement activities. They love the Cupcake Station and use them for gifting and catering when events call for cupcakes or dessert. I had eaten cupcakes from this store at a catered event a few years ago, but yesterday's visit was the first time I had ever been to its retail venue. We decided to buy a few different kinds of cupcakes and have a cupcake tasting. After tasting all flavors we agreed that three of the four cupcakes were … [Read More...]

Babo Market

Babo: A Beautiful Market in the Heart of Ann Arbor

Like lots of people, I'm crazy about my hometown Ypsilanti, and its neighbor, Ann Arbor. Both are classic American college towns. With cute shops, young people on bikes and quaint restaurants these towns are postcard perfect. While most of my days are being spent in the hospital, I'm determined to do special things with my mom. Together we've discovered late-night dining. After my dad is safely tucked into bed and fast asleep we hit up Yelp and find something to eat. Last night she took me to the market where purchased my Christmas presents, a new place called, "babo". A … [Read More...]


Blogging 101: Using A Blog Goal Sheet + Free Download

Every blogger should establish goals for their blog. Goals allow you to increase your productivity and give you milestones to work towards. By being focused and specific, you are helping yourself set goals and accomplish progressive milestones. When your goals are meaningful and have deadlines attached, you're sure to see results! The most successful people I know establish both short and long term goals for themselves. By setting a vision, they create a path to success. Earlier in this series, I have shared an editorial calendar to get you organized, a stats tracker, and a … [Read More...]

Bar Louie

Bar Louie: Cheap Burgers and Beers

Ann Arbor people are funny about food. In general they tend to like good food, hate chain restaurants and demand good service. Although it doesn't immediately look like it, Bar Louie is a national chain restaurant and bar. On Tuesdays between 5:00 pm and close of business they host a build-your-own burger night with burgers starting at $1.00. In addition to beef, they also have turkey and chicken burgers. Although the burgers are $1.00, the toppings are extra. This means you'll pay for onions, or anything else you want on your burger (except lettuce and a bun) upwards of 75 cents per … [Read More...]

blog analytics, blog stat tracker, blog tracker

Blogging 101: Tracking Blog Analytics

Tracking your analytics is important. Bloggers spend a lot of time planning, writing and distributing content. Measuring your success is just as important as everything else you do to support and grow your blog. If you're like me, the thought of measuring your results can seem a little scary and overwhelming at first. I promise it's not so bad! Measuring your analytics allows you to evaluate your content and observe your growth. It's important to pause, at least monthly, and audit your content. What are your readers responding to? Are there better places to spend your energy? … [Read More...]