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Summertime Is Swimsuit Season! See How Styles Have Changed via ModCloth

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.   If you’re like me, the change of season means a change of clothes. I’m a busy person, and a big fan of online retailers. ModCloth is a great one stop shop for sundresses, swimsuits and accessories!     ModCloth has summer essentials in a variety of styles and sizes. If you're unfamiliar, or have never shopped there, ModCloth is a vast online store that has great sales and a wide variety. This retailer was founded by high school sweethearts who became … [Read More...]


J.Crew Giveaway: Get Ready For Summer With New Clothes From J. Crew!

Are You Ready For Summer? I sure am! And, nothing says, "summer" to me, like a trip to J. Crew.   For years, J. Crew has been my go-to store for summer essentials. Everything from swimsuits to sundresses. Flip flops to vintage Nikes. And, how could I forget Crew Cuts? As the mom of a boy, I am in love with Crew Cuts. I also live pretty close to a J. Crew Factory Store. Which is lucky, because I have the opportunity to purchase my clothes at a really reasonable price.   All of this is a pretty long way of saying: I love J. Crew, and I am excited to bring this … [Read More...]


Travel: Visiting Boston’s Make Way For Ducklings Statues

Last weekend I visited Boston. One of my must-dos?   Visiting the Make Way For Ducklings statues!   One of my favorite children's stories was written by an author named Robert McCluskey. It's a book called, "Make Way for Ducklings."     The story chronicles duck parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, and their adventures as they attempt to find a safe place to hatch and raise their ducklings. It takes place in and around Boston's Public Garden.   Written in 1941, and is popular with generations of families. Its illustrations, charcoal drawings, received … [Read More...]


Tips For Attending A Professional Golf Tournament!

Attending a live sporting event is always exciting. It's an opportunity to see the sport come to life, to have close encounters with some of its players, and meet other fans. Golf is a very traditional and conservative sport. And while it can be fun to watch, spectators are guests of the event. Before attending a professional golf tournament it's important to know the rules and come prepared to have fun! While each tournament has specific regulations, there are a few things you can do in advance.   CHECK THE WEATHER. You need to do your research before you hit the golf tournament! … [Read More...]


The Little Free Library: Bringing Reading To The Community

  Guess What I just did? I've established a Little Free Library!   Have you ever heard of the Little Free Library? Local residents create and maintain a free book library box, which is placed outside of their home. The box, which is larger than a bird house, smaller than a doll house, can be made or purchased. The owner can then add their library to a national registry for a small fee and add it to a registry on Google Maps. After the library is official, owners receive a sign that reads, "Little Free Library". The libraries build … [Read More...]