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6 Benefits Of Choosing Organic And Eco-Friendly Baby Products

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned veteran, you’ve probably had your share of sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and crying fits. But what if there was a way to make these not only bearable but enjoyable? Well, organic and eco-friendly baby products can do just that! Check out this list of six reasons why they are worth the investment.

1. Reduce Exposure To Chemicals And Toxins

If you do a little research you’ll find that eco-friendly products can save you money in the long run. Why? Because they are better quality and will last longer than their mainstream counterparts. Even baby strollers contain toxic plastics and other components that are unhealthy to be around a baby. So, you can check out some non-toxic options at to keep your baby away from harm. For example, organic cotton is known to be safer for babies because it contains less chemical residue from pesticides as well as fewer heavy metals.

2. Cut Down On Skin Irritation And Allergies

Although some parents swear that their child developed allergies from using name-brand products, there isn’t extensive proof that mainstream brands contain allergens that could potentially affect your baby’s health negatively. What is proven, however, is that children are becoming more and more prone to skin irritations because of the chemicals in personal care products. Organic and eco-friendly baby products are specifically made to reduce this risk. As some mainstream brands contain chemicals that can strip away the natural oils and moisture from your baby’s skin. This makes their skin dry or irritated, especially in places that get wet often such as the diaper area. Not only is this uncomfortable for your little one, but it also creates a breeding ground for bacteria which increases the risk of infection.

3. Promote General Health And Wellness

Since organic cotton contains less chemical residue from pesticides, it can be worn next to your baby’s delicate skin without the worry of any harmful toxins seeping into their bloodstream through the pores. As if that weren’t enough, when you wash these clothes they lose fewer fibers which eventually makes its way back onto their skin when in contact with moisture. Doesn’t sound too shabby now!

4. Support Local Businesses

Many organic and eco-friendly products are manufactured locally so you know exactly where they came from. You’ll be supporting small business owners who seek to create unique items right here at home rather than pushing out mass amounts of low-quality goods made overseas just to turn profits faster. It’s the best of both worlds. Also, many of these small manufacturers are run by working mothers, who are passionate about their line of organic products. The truth is that many mainstream brands charge more for their items simply because they can get away with it – you need your baby’s essentials no matter what, right? But you don’t have to break the bank just so your little one can look fresh! Many local mom entrepreneurs offer quality goods at fair prices. So why not invest in a few eco-friendly clothes or car seat covers instead of an entirely new wardrobe every season?

5. Reduce Indirect Toxins In The Environment And Your Home

Although it’s great to buy organic and eco-friendly baby products, it’s even better if you can make these items yourself. Not only will this further support local businesses but it also reduces the number of toxins that would otherwise be released into your home or workplace when these chemicals are processed.

6. Zero Fragrances 

Many family-friendly products contain artificial fragrances which can cause a wide range of health risks. Babies are at the greatest risk because their respiratory tracts aren’t as fully formed as an adult’s, therefore they take in more air which means they also inhale more of the chemical residue found in these products. This is especially harmful to babies who suffer from allergies or asthma. Natural and eco-friendly baby products include those made with organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, wool, natural rubber latex, and recycled plastic bottles. You can find them online or check out your local health food store for a wider selection. Also, make sure you don’t use mainstream baby wipes as some companies still coat their wipes with Polyvinyl Chloride.

Baby Products

All together, all the benefits listed above will eventually lead to a healthier baby overall which means less stress on both their mind and body. This is what every new parent hopes for with each passing day because let’s face it being a new mom or dad comes with its fair share of pressure. So why not ease some of that off by investing in organic and eco-friendly baby products?

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