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Top 7 Meals You Can Cook With An Air Fryer

The air fryer is a kitchen tool many of us are obsessed with right now, and this process makes eating healthy easier. In recent times, air fryers are one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. With an air fryer, you can make fries, duh, snacks even desserts without oil. It can also be used for so much more.  

With an air fryer, you do not have to worry about not eating your fried chicken, brownies, and French fries just because you want to eat healthily. This cooking method is healthy because the air fryer swaps the vat of oil from a mechanical fan to keep deep-fried foods completely free of oil or grease.  

Note that all air fryers have different cooking times. So you are advised to adjust the cooking time of your food as needed. Here are some of the top meals you can cook with an air fryer.

1. Rotisserie Chicken: 

An Air fryer rotisserie chicken is not dry at all and it’s juicy. To prepare a rotisserie chicken in an air fryer all you need to do is make sure the cavity of the chicken is clean and empty. Season the chicken and cook in an air fryer. The result is crispy skin, perfect juicy meat. It is so effortless and could be a perfect dinner for the family.  

2. Brownies: 

An air fryer is very conducive to make your brownies because this will help you avoid the need of heating your oven. To make your brownies in an air fryer, you can use any safe oven pan that will fit into your air fryer. 

You can use any brownie mix in an air fryer just make sure you follow the instructions on the box. It is also important that you grease your pans very well and do not let the butter get to the side of the pans before putting them in the air fryer. 

3. Salmon: 

An air fryer salmon is so juicy and tender. It is a flaky fillet with a glazed top that melts softly in your mouth. The perfect way to make a salmon is to prepare it with an air fryer. Just simply heat the air fryer for 5 minutes, after seasoning the salmon, place it in the fryer basket and then cook. It is quite an effortless process. 

4. Pizza: 

An air fryer is the best kitchen tool for making a homemade freshly baked pizza. This kitchen appliance makes you forget the oven because of how perfect and cheesy. It is so perfect for making a personal-sized pizza.  The air fryer is much smaller than an oven so it heats every area of the pizza. It creates a beautiful and supper melted cheesy pizza. To make your pizza you can use any recipe you choose to use just bake your pizza in the air fryer.

5. Homemade Cannoli: 

The air fryer provides a shortcut to homemade cannoli. To make a homemade cannoli with an air fryer, prepared pie dough is used to create the crunchy, buttery richness that’s expected from a deep-fried cannoli body. 

To make this meal you need a set of cannoli tubes but if you do not have a set of cannoli tubes, you might need to order one, or in place of the tubes, you can use an aluminum foil, and then form it into a cylindrical shape. Remember to drain the ricotta cheese to keep the filling from being too moist and a moist filling will lead to a soggy cannoli shell.

6. Beetroot Chips: 

There are a couple of different ways of making beetroot chips. But using an air fryer from is the best and most healthy method. It gives the perfect crispy crunch. To prepare a beetroot in the air fryer, after removing the green leaves from the beets, peel the beets, slice into thin shaped chips shapes, put them in a big bowl, then cover with a little bit of olive oil. Stir so all the beet chips are covered with olive oil. Then you place it in the fryer.

7. French Fries: 

Air fryer French fries are perfectly crisp, simple, and savory just how the good old fashioned fries should be. You do not need the funky twists and unconventional flavorings. All you’ll need is some garlic powder, salt, and pepper depending on how you want it. 

Buying another kitchen tool might sound like a bit much, but an air fryer saves time and it is easy to clean. This is one hot trend you should have in your kitchen cause think about it, an air fryer can make everything from homemade salmon to brownies, to pizza, and many more. 

This looks like a dream come true especially for those of us who love fried food but cannot eat them because of health reasons. 

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