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4 Effective Tips for Designing a Kitchen

Among homeowners, around 55 percent did some kind of remodeling in 2021 alone. That’s not much of a shock given how many homes sold over the last few years. Something else that isn’t much of a shock is that kitchens were the top remodeling project.

Of course, there is a bit of a gulf between deciding you need a new kitchen and seeing it completed. Between those two extremes, there is the pesky task of designing a kitchen for your needs.

If you’re committed to a new kitchen but not sure where to start with design, keep reading for four kitchen design tips.

1. Create a Budget

When designing a new kitchen, it’s easy for people to start with their wishlist of kitchen ideas. The thing you should start with is your budget.

A budget helps keep your vision constrained to what you can realistically afford. While the budget may put a nix on that marble countertop, it probably will let you shop for acrylic bar stools and other kitchen furniture.

A budget can also help you zero in on the things you cannot live without and the things you’d just like to have in your kitchen.

2. Focus on Essentials

In terms of essentials, think of the things that drive you insane about your kitchen now.

Is there not enough storage space? Are you constantly moving things because you don’t have enough counter space for food prep? Do you need a six-burner kitchen range because you routinely prepare big, complicated meals?

Understanding what your current kitchen fails to do for you can help you zero in on the things that your new kitchen must do for you.

3. Consider the Kitchen Layout

Kitchens must pull multiple duties in a modern home. They’re often the hub on which the rest of the house turns. You use them for cooking, eating, and even entertaining.

Even so, you must consider the placement of key things, such as sinks, ranges, dishwashers, and how much contiguous counter space you’ll get. You want some counter space near the stove for food prep, while also keeping the fridge at a distance from that big hulking heat source you cook with.

4. Decorating

Once you work out the essentials in terms of layout, counter space, and appliances, then you get to the part most people find fun: decorating. This is where you think about the style of the cabinets, the color of the walls, and what kind of tile you want for the floor. Tile and colorful cabinets are big for 2022.

Designing a Kitchen and You

Kitchens play a huge role in most homes, so designing a kitchen isn’t something you play by ear. You must take some time and really think it through.

Start by setting a budget you can afford. Then, move on to thinking about the essentials your kitchen must have and the best layout. Finally, dig into the decorating aspects of design, such as color choice, cabinet styles, and tiles.

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