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How to Deal with Hearing Loss Caused by Tepezza

For treating the signs and symptoms of thyroid eye illness, Tepezza is prescribed. However, after the release of Tepezza, it was found that it could cause some people to experience tinnitus (ear ringing) or permanent hearing impairment. Patients who took Tepezza and experienced hearing loss are currently bringing lawsuits. If you had Tepezza injections and later developed hearing loss or other conditions, you may file a product liability claim and get financially compensated for your losses. Reputable law firms, such as Dolman Law Group’s product liability attorneys, can assist you in filing the lawsuit. 

Tepezza Lawsuit for Hearing Loss

In the summer of 2023, patients who received Tepezza and later experienced hearing loss began suing Horizon for product liability. In accordance with the Tepezza proceedings, Horizon committed negligence by failing to sufficiently warn healthcare practitioners and patients about the full extent of Tepezza’s risk of hearing loss. Two Tepezza hearing damage lawsuits against Horizon have already been filed. In these Tepezza lawsuits, the plaintiffs claim that getting Tepezza infusions led to their hearing loss. The allegations state that Tepezza’s possible hazards were not disclosed to the plaintiffs or their doctors because there was insufficient information regarding the probability of hearing loss. The complaints allege negligence, failure to warn, and poor design. You should consult an attorney right away. If you have faced these issues as a result of using the drug, you should consult a lawyer right away. 

File a Lawsuit

If you have also suffered from hearing loss caused by Tepezza, you need to file a lawsuit. Contacting a professional attorney to discuss your case is the first step. If you meet the case requirements, a seasoned attorney will consider your case. You might be qualified to bring a claim if Tepezza’s use resulted in hearing loss for you. To help your case, legal experts will want to see all of your medical documents. These documents will serve as proof that you received the medication and took it according to the doctor’s instructions.

The records will also demonstrate that there are no other medical conditions that could account for your hearing loss. The attorney will file your lawsuit to seek compensation for your condition once the attorney completes medical documentation to support your claim.

Requirements to File A case

If you or someone you care about developed hearing loss after using Tepezza, Tepezza attorneys can be of assistance. To take part in a Tepezza lawsuit, the following prerequisites must be satisfied:

  • Hearing loss was discovered following the initial Tepezza injection.
  • No history of hearing impairment diagnosis


Although the drug was designed to offer relief from eye illnesses, however, it is doing more damage than good. Hearing is one of five essential senses, and losing it is a painful experience. The quality of life and earning potential suffer a lot. However, there are remedies, but they might be expensive. Therefore, you need a good attorney who can win the right compensation to cover financial losses in the aftermath of using the drug. 

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