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How to Use a Portable Generator at Home

In 2020, the US generator sales market size was $4.68 billion, and it’s expected to reach $6.94 billion by 2028.

With more people working from home since the pandemic started, people are looking at ways to keep their power on when there is an unexpected blackout. Portable generators also come in handy during extreme weather to help keep your home warm or cool or to power essential appliances such as radon mitigation systems, depending on where you’re located. 

But is a portable generator the right solution for you? Keep reading as we chat about how to use a portable generator at home.

Where to Put the Generator

You want to ensure your generator is kept in a dry location situated outdoors when you’re using it. Never run it when the generator is wet as you risk electrocution. Also, before turning it on, make sure there are no open windows nearby through which the CO fumes can enter the house.

You should install a carbon monoxide detector in your house to be responsible. As a good rule of thumb, keep your well-constructed portable power station at least 20 ft away from all walls or buildings on all sides.

Connecting Your Portable Generator

Before connecting your generator, switch off all lights and appliances. This is to protect them from the startup surge. Next, turn on your generator, and once it is running, turn on your devices one by one or as you need them. This will reduce straining your generator.

Be sure only to use cables made for generator purposes. These cords will be weather-proof and are designed for heavier power use. In addition, to avoid unexpected disconnections, many generators come with cables that a twist-lock connecter can only disconnect.

Switching off the Generator

Just like when you were preparing to start the generator, turn off all appliances and lights. Once the generator is not actively powering anything, you can turn it off completely.

Essential Things to Remember

Never try to power your house with a generator. If you want your whole home powered, you are better off with a standby generator which will need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

Always use the correct fuel for your generator and let the generator cool before refilling. If you’re unsure which fuel yours requires, consult the manufacturer’s manual.

Never use a portable generator indoors. Always ensure plenty of fresh air where the generator is being used.

It’s called a portable generator for a reason. Don’t forget one of the best portable generator benefits is being able to take it with you to use elsewhere, like camping with the family. Just watch the noise level!

How to Use a Portable Generator at Home: The Basics

Once you’ve made your purchase, knowing how to use a portable generator at home is relatively straightforward. Just be sure to always adhere to any provided guidelines and handle them responsibly. After that, your whole family is free to enjoy staying warm during a cold-front blackout.

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