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AI technology is the new matchmaker. Find out why

It is said that marriages are made somewhere in heaven and match whether love or arranged are planned long by the Almighty God. Even then you need a place or platform where you can meet your destined match. This is why in the earlier days you had the traditional matchmakers who would bring the matches to your house and elders would decide the weddings.

There were the community gatherings where the girl and the boy eligible for marriage would see each other. Often dates and details were finalized at these social events. In the 80’s marriages were largely fixed by matrimonial columns published in daily newspapers and magazines.

Searching for your life partner saw a new trend in 2003-04, with the advent of matrimonial websites popularly called the online marriage bureau that opened the doors to the world. These sites had an edge over the existing trends of matchmaking predominantly because of three things –

  • Convenience
  • Time-saving
  • Huge choice of matches (database)

Off late, the online matchmaking service in UK has turned hi-tech with the introduction of artificial intelligence. On average, all the matrimonial sites across the globe have been using the technology over almost two years and find quite precise in analyzing the matches.

Parameters AI in marriage sites work:

In the latest development, the Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is helping the users on matrimony site like Rishtamakeronline to find a match. The AI would suggest the life partner not only based on the detailed preferences you have keyed in but also by observing and understanding your nature and behavior. The parameters that the AI use to understand profiles in order find a match are –

• Personal interests

• Academics

• Languages known

• Career

• Family background

• Lifestyle

• Horoscopes

• Income

The AI also tries to understand you from your posts, etc. on various social media platforms. These days on average, most of the members have an account on social media. According to experts, the new trend has been helping people to find the most stable matches since the matching is done keeping all the positive aspects from both the profiles.

How does AI in matrimonial sites works?

AI plays an important role in suggesting who you should marry. This is based on the algorithms. Based on these algorithms, and online analytics, the matrimonial site suggests the most suitable match. Experts opine that there is a remote chance of failure since the latest trend is based on your preferences and online behavior. According to matrimonial sites using the technology express their satisfaction over the success rate.

Why does AI technology rule in matrimony?

The common practice matches are analyzed on the basis of details and preferences provided by you. Now, the same work is being done by technology. This has largely been a time saver as you are not required to sit back and go through the profiles or talk to them over the phone or online chat. The technology does the preliminary work of selecting matches for Indian brides in United Kingdom.

A glance at the advantages:

One of the biggest advantages of AI technology is you are provided with a huge option to choose from that too depending exclusively on your preferences of a life partner. Often, despite your genuine initiative, it may not be possible to prune all the profiles on the online marriage bureau, but AI being a technology can select all the preferred profiles making your matrimonial search more comprehensive.


One of the biggest disadvantages of technology is it may not be able to relate to the traditional sentiments or emotions since it is not programmed in such a way. This is where the human brain still has an edge over artificial intelligence.

A keyword may replace long questions:

The artificial intelligence may have its own set of questions that will be short and crispy. This is because AI may not be able to read the lengthy questions that have been asked on the free matrimonial sites. The lengthy questions may be replaced with a suitable keyword for easy understanding by the artificial intelligence. However, that does not mean that the existing format on these websites would become obsolete.

The new trend of artificial intelligence on matrimonial sites has certainly made the search process for your life partner comprehensive and easy. The parameters remain the same; the change is largely on the formatting of questions being asked. As discussed, you may have to reply to short or keyword questions that the technology can understand.

However, this has been introduced as a service to help you in making your search easy. Hence, there is no compulsion for you to accept what the AI suggests on a site like that of Rishta Maker Online and continue with the regular searching as earlier. Once you are a registered member, you can interact with the matches but it is advisable to take the help of the AI as it will make your search for life partner fulfilling.

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