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Eric Dalius Provides Useful Insights to Boost a Service-Oriented Business

When it comes to a service-oriented business, you need to mull over some special aspects related to its operation. It is not as straightforward as selling your products, earn revenue, and improve the bottom line. Eric Dalius thinks that a service-based firm requires more attention, especially of the entrepreneur and that of the marketing team. Your service needs to be top-notch to make people opt for your salon, cleaning, interior design, or landscaping services.

You might be wondering how an entrepreneur shall deal with his or her service-based business? Well, you need to read this article to get your answers:

Eric J Dalius prefers creating a services menu

Just as a restaurant has a menu of its delicacies, your service-oriented business should have a menu to list the services you provide. For instance, if you have a digital marketing firm, you can list your services like web design, content development, graphic design, SEO services, email marketing, newsletter design, mobile app development, and more. You also need to include the cost of these services on the menu. You can charge a flat fee or hourly rates.

A menu of services will save you time. You will not need to create lengthy business proposals that may not lead to fruitful results.

Pay attention to process and profit

Scaling your service-oriented firm means the potential to offer your services without compromising quality and ensuring on-time delivery. It boils down to process and profit. EJ Dalius cites that the services you provide should yield higher returns to cover the overhead cost and staff salary of your business. You also need to invest in some amount of training to hire entry-level employees. That is why your profits must be high to cover these expenses.

The next thing to focus on is creating standard processes to maintain consistency in delivering your services. Plan your daily workflow, offer written or visual instructions, and make sure your team has the best training to implement the best business practices for maximum customer satisfaction each time.

Customer feedback is imperative

You need to scale your service-based business by asking for customer feedback on your current services. This is essential to improve areas where your business is lacking and exceed customer expectations, not just meeting the same.

When there is an opportunity to receive payment from a single client for solving an issue or making the client’s life easier, you will find a greater chance to receive payment from more of our clients.

Once you receive customer feedback, you can show your knowledge in some digital marketing courses and sell them online. You can sell it repeatedly, thus scaling your service-oriented business, make money, and boost profits.

Adopt automation and streamlining

When you have a service-based business, automation and streamlining are essential. Your key investment is in human capital, as it is your team members, who would provide the services. Streamline your business and ensure automation to scale your service-oriented business. Include a client onboarding strategy, a trained team, and standard business operations.


Keep these tips and tricks in mind to scale your service-based business. Take it to the next level to ensure credibility and increased profits.

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