Excellent Ideas to Create a Side Hustle Online

There are many opportunities to make money on the internet. If you are unhappy with your current job, or have a couple of hours to spare every day, then why not dedicate the free time to creating a side hustle and feeling more secure about the future?

Keep in mind that many people do not hit the ground running with their first idea and lose motivation. Persistency and willingness to learn are necessary if you want to succeed. Here are some ideas that you can try and learn how one can make money on the internet.

Idea #1 – Print on Demand Store

You can start a custom t-shirt store with the help of Printify. The platform simplifies the process of running a POD business with its excellent store integration, handling of shipment and printing, and connecting you to a global printing network. 

Identify which aspect of the project you can manage yourself and where you need help. Graphic design is a necessary skill to have, and if you lack it, then hire a freelancer who can take care of the problem for you. Doing so would leave you time to work on developing the store and promoting the merchandise.

At the same time, if coming up with new design ideas is easy for you, then you can work on that and leave the marketing to another person if you do not have the time to cover both design and promotion.

Idea #2 – Customer Support

Working in customer support is not the most exciting, but it is still a good opportunity to make extra money. The work itself can be relatively simple and monotonous, but that is great for those who want to continue with their regular job. 

If there are few customer queries, you can respond to them and move with your other work. Moreover, if the customer questions come in via emails or live chat, then you can open separate tabs for a customer support job and your other job to switch back and forth.

Idea #3 – Online Surveys

Treat online surveys as a means to add extra money when you have an hour to spare. On average, a survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete, meaning that you can finish about five surveys in an hour. 

The payment is not always in the form of money. You might get coupons or gift cards that you can use for goods and services. 

Idea #4 – Virtual Assistant

Visit Fiverr and UpWork and look for virtual assistant gigs. There should be multiple job offers. Submit your bid and wait for a response. 

Virtual assistants are in demand because some people cannot finish their work in time and need to hire a pair of helping hands. 

The payment depends on the kind of work you do. Generally, new virtual assistants start with simple tasks until they gain some trust. Your salary will grow together with your experience and the trust that the employer puts in you. There are even tons of tips on how to become a virtual assistant with no experience out there that you can check out to get you started.

Idea #5 – Data Entry

Data entry is simple as it does not require a lot of computer knowledge. On the other hand, not everyone is that keen to work as a data entry specialist. The job is monotonous, and the pay is not always the best. 

On the other hand, if you are still relatively new to looking for a job online and see yourself as someone who would like to work on the internet in the future, then starting with data entry is a good piece of advice. You will gain experience and get an opportunity to find what it is like to have a job online.

Idea #6 – Translating

Translation services are in demand. Many online stores are looking to widen their reach and offer products worldwide. Websites that have their content translated into foreign languages like French, Spanish, Russian, and German are bound to attract more customers. And there are many other languages. 

Despite how popular and common English is, not everyone speaks it. If you are bilingual or know even more than two languages, then get in touch with online store owners and find out whether they would like their website translated to other languages.

Idea #7 – Online Courses

Find a topic that interests you and look for multiple sources on that topic. It can be books, blog articles, forum posts, videos on YouTube, documentaries, or even podcasts. 

Compile all the information in the form of a course and publish it on online education platforms like Skillshare and Udemy.

The demand for learning online continues to grow, and it is not just about schools and universities relying on remote learning. People who graduated years ago are looking to learn new skills as well, especially if it improves their lives, like excelling at work. And thanks to all the available platforms where people can share their courses, learning online has become accessible to a lot more people.

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