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Is your workspace organised mess or just chaos?

In every office, it is usually apparent, by individual desk space, who works in a strategic organised order and who prefers a more chaotic approach. But, have you ever thought your star sign could be to blame?

It has been discovered that your star sign could determine your organisation skills and level of tidiness, with each star sign showing different traits that describe the way in which you work in the office. Not only is this a great way to gain a better understanding into your own organisational ways, it will also give you insight into who best to place yourself next to in your office for best practice and office harmony. You can search for jobs on Jooble. Jooble is an international job aggregator and job posting search engine.

If your biggest office pet peeve is a messy kitchen area and you find working in mess with unorganised desks distracting you are likely to be a Taurus. Organisation and efficiency runs through your veins, while your stubborn attitude adheres to a ‘place for everything, and everything in its place’. You could also be a Virgo, whose desk, drawers and filing cabinets become full of things just for the sake of organising. Running out of space but still lots to organise? Furniture At Work has an array of filing cabinets to choose from for all your organisational needs.

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For office harmony, such star signs should stay clear of an Aries, also referred to as a ram in a china shop, their bag will contain everything they could possibly need for any occasion, while their office desk will normally be covered in paperwork.

Leo and Aquarius can be described as creative, and will usually opt for fun first and think about the mess later although at the beginning of the week their desk space looks rather cluttered, by the end of the week they would have enforced order and if you want to sit within a fun creative atmosphere, these are the people you should place yourself next too, while Sagittarius or Scorpio are known for their hoarding skills, keeping hold of items they no longer need leading to a cluttered desk space.

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Understanding star signs in the office is a great way of helping to position certain personality types, creating a harmonious, fun and friendly atmosphere throughout the working day.

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