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4 Countries in Central America to Add to Your Holiday Bucket List

If you’re thinking of taking a break and seeing more of the world, you can’t go wrong with Central America. Its natural beauty, history and culture have been left mostly forgotten by budget airlines. But that’s a shame because there is a lot to see in these countries. Whether you’re looking to backpack or get the full package, there is something for everyone in these vibrant countries. So where should you go? Well, we have some ideas that might make that decision easier. Take a look at our top picks for what to do while travelling to Central America.

Costa Rica

The best thing about Costa Rica is that it is a natural playground. Every aspect of the Costa Rica landscape is there to be admired and explored. From surfing the warm waters of the Tamarindo to climbing La Leona Waterfall, there is a lot to do. La Leona Waterfall involved swimming, hiking, spelunking, climbing, and cliff jumping alone. But for the best interaction with nature, look to volcano.cr to enjoy some water sports like wakeboarding, wake surfing, waterskiing, and tubing.


Cuba is dripping in character, nowhere more so than Havana. You go to Paris for the landmarks, but you go to Havana for the people. The pastel colourful buildings, the 50’s cars, the laughter and music, it’s all part of Havana. See the intricate architectural details of the Plaza de la Catedral, wander the Cuban Art Factory, or simply enjoy the clubs with a cigar or rum.

Beyond the big city, there is even more to see. The Vinales Valley is a breathtaking natural point, surrounded by mountains. Varadero is a beautiful coastal town that looks out over fine sandy beaches, palm trees and the sea.


Guatemala is considered the most diverse country in Central America, which means you’ve got quite the boiling point of different cultures. You can see it on the streets, taste it in the food, hear it in the air. When you’re taking a chicken bus or a tuk-tuk from A to B, you’ll be a part of that pot of diversity too. But if you want to get out of the bustling towns and cities, you should look up the nearest volcano. There are 37 volcanoes all over Guatemala, some active, and they are available for hiking. The highest volcano in Guatemala is the Volcan Tajumulco, which will make for a feat that no hikers back home can beat.


Belize is the stop for you if you want to visit some historical ruins – and there are plenty of options. The Xunantunich Mayan Ruins is a beautiful building, as is the Lamanai Archaeological Reserve. But if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind nature sports, there is the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, which is full of Mayan relics and makes for great exploration. Even more amazing is the Great Blue Hole, which is an underwater sinkhole in the centre of Lighthouse Reef. The clear water and daunting depths make it a popular spot for scuba divers who maybe want to feel their heart race.

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