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5 Benefits of Double Hung Windows for Your Home

Double hung windows are in great demand among Canadian homeowners. And this is not surprising, because they easily fit into any interior, and also have many other advantages.

We collected 5 top reasons why such windows are the best investment if you are planning to renovate the house.

1. Easy operation and long service life

As a rule, this type of windows come with sashes, so you would have no problem cleaning them .

Please note that you will need to regularly lubricate the moving parts of the structure, and then your windows will serve you as long as possible. 

These products are equipped with an inclined windowsill with a built-in drain system to prevent water ingress and deformation of the structure.

Many homeowners use such window systems for 10-15 years.

2. Excellent ventilation

Perhaps one of the main advantages of such window designs is the ability to control the air flow exactly as you need.

If you want ample ventilation, open both sashes together: the upper sash will let warm indoor air out from the room, and the lower one allows fresh air inside.

For partial ventilation it is enough to open one of the sashes.

3. Energy efficiency

Another advantage of such windows is the reduction of electricity costs.

Vinyl Light Windows & Doors, a leading double hung windows supplier in Canada, offers products with a multi-chamber frame and a 3 1/4 inch sash, which improves structural integrity as well as thermal performance. You can choose LoE-coated glass: it is 90% more efficient than conventional double glazing and reflects the heat back into the house. LoE-180; LoE-272; LoE-366 and LoE-i89 are available for your selection.

4. Safety

The design of these window systems reduces the risk of accidents, and thanks to a reliable latch and a tight lock, it will be difficult for intruders to get inside the dwelling.

5. Aesthetics

Double hung windows will decorate any home. They look good in both traditional and modern homes. You can choose any size, color, grill design and tinting.

At Vinyl Light, you will be advised on  how to choose the best double hung windows!

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