5 Tips for Preventing a Snake Infestation on Your Property

You took the time to clean out your home, yard, and garden. Now, you have a new pest to deal with — snakes.

While the thought of snakes lurking around your home can be terrifying, the more you know about them, the easier they are to handle. So, what do you need to know about dealing with snakes?

We’re sharing our tips on preventing a snake infestation. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about handling a snake problem.

1. Dispose of Your Trash and Debris Properly

One of the most essential tips for preventing snakes is properly disposing of your trash and debris. Snakes often inhabit areas filled with clumps of waste, so keeping your property free of any excess materials is necessary.

To avoid providing a potential home for snakes, ensure that your yard and gardens are tidy and that all trash and debris are adequately packaged, stored, or disposed of in outdoor receptacles or bin areas. You should also ensure that areas around your property, such as sheds, barns, and outdoor buildings, are kept free of debris, particularly places where snakes can hide, such as in piles of wood or leaves.

If you provide an environment where snakes do not feel comfortable, it is far less likely they will become an issue.

2. Use Physical and Chemical Barriers

Using physical and chemical barriers is another method for snake prevention. Consider installing an underground, galvanized steel mesh fence as an extra barrier around your property. It should be reinforced and buried at least one foot deep to make it difficult for snakes to dig underneath.

Chemical barriers, such as a snake repellent around the perimeter of your property, can also be used if you like. Be aware that the effectiveness of these types of products can vary depending on the environment and species of snake around your property, so it’s best to consult a professional first. You can contact Snake Control for more details on pest prevention.

3. Seal Cracks

Sealing up and inspecting any potential entry points will go a long way. Snakes are notorious for sneaking through gaps in your home’s foundation or anywhere else they can find an opening. Sealing up those cracks will provide a substantial barrier, discouraging snakes from entering your home.

Also, pay special attention to gaps existing under doors or other entryways. Any of these will provide easy access for a snake, making it imperative to seal up those entry points to ensure your family’s safety.

4. Keep the Rodents Away

It’s also essential to keep the rodents away. Rodents are a favorite food source for snakes, so snakes will be less likely to take up residence if there are no rodents. Good tips include eliminating rodent food sources, such as outdoor food for pets, garbage cans, and bird seed.

5. Keep Grass Short and Trimmed

Keeping your grass short and trimmed is another way. Snakes hide in the long grass, looking for shelter or prey. You can limit the number of snakes by mowing your lawn regularly and trimming the edges to eliminate any hiding spots for snakes. 

Follow These Tips to Prevent Snake Infestation

To ensure you and your family remain snake-free, take action to keep these reptiles off your property. Follow the tips in this article to prevent snake infestation. Get started today and keep yourself safe! 

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