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7 Important Home Maintenance Steps to Take Year-Round

The first thought most people think when it comes to buying a home is financial responsibility. While this is notable, you should also keep the time and labor necessary to maintain it in mind.

Like a car, you need to upkeep your home if you want to prevent paying thousands for expensive repairs. Ensuring your home remains in tip-top shape can be intimidating, especially if you own a large home.

Hence, dividing these tasks will be easier. If you need guidance on where to start, let this guide be your yearly home maintenance checklist.

1. Monthly Home Maintenance

It’s a good idea to do a thorough cleaning in your sink if you have a disposal in your kitchen. You can prevent clogging up the drain and pipes by doing so. Adding vinegar ice cubes is a great way to help breakdown waste while keeping the freshening the disposal. 

You also want to look at your HVAC systems and see if you need to switch out the filters when it becomes dirty. Be sure to look at your fire extinguisher, too, to ensure it’s in operating condition and clean your range hood filters. 

2. Quarterly Home Maintenance

If you use a water softener in your home, you want to check it quarterly and add salt when needed. The garage is an extension of your home, and you want to inspect the door to ensure it can close shut, and the sensors are in optimal condition.

This will help keep weathering out and prevent leaks from occurring and dirt from coming in. Don’t forget to clean the garage. Take a look at your smoke detectors and well and replace batteries when you need to. 

3. Biannual Home Maintenance

At least twice a year, you want to give your house a deep clean. The surface cleaning you do each day or each week doesn’t tackle everything. You want to dust your windows and appliances thoroughly. 

Clean behind your fridge and vacuum the coils. Refrigerators utilize 15% of your homes’ energy, and maintaining the coils will help you save money. 

You should sanitize and disinfect every area, particularly the corners. This will help prevent grime and mold accumulation and reduce the incidence and speed of wear.

Be sure to test your water heater and look at the pressure relief valve. Look for any mineral buildup or corrosion to upkeep efficiency and prevent potential leaks. 

4. Annual Spring Home Maintenance

The spring cleaning checklist is the biggest cleaning session for most homeowners. Spring is the perfect season to clean the inside of your home while focusing on the exterior. 

You want to look at your drain pipes outside if you own a home where rainwater flows away from the property or see standing water beyond 24 hours. Inspect and clean your gutters. While you’re outside, look at the general exterior of your home. 

Do you see any chips, cracks, holes, or mold? How large are they? You may need to pressure wash the area (and porch) or invest in a good caulk or silicone to seal breaks. You may also need to repaint. 

Spring is a good time to service your HVAC system to ensure it is ready for the year’s summer and remainder. Larsen Heating and air offer competitive maintenance fees. If you are on land, start trimming the grass and inspect trees and plants to upkeep the lawn and fertilize it. 

5. Annual Summer Home Maintenance

Summer is a good time to start cleaning your pool and treating it. On shadier days you should take a look at the roof to check for any damage or leaks. The same goes for the windows and screens. 

Take a look at your plumbing system throughout your house to check the water pressure. It’s a good idea to clean and tune up your major appliances too. Don’t forget the vents for the dryer. 

If you’re dealing with bugs and pests, you want to maintain pest control. You can do this on your own with sprays and baits or get a professional. 

6. Annual Fall Home Maintenance

Fall is the perfect time to check any other interior or exterior places in the home such as the attic, chimney, or fireplace (if applicable). You should deep clean your carpets and inspect your doors to verify they are sturdy. 

You should also start “winterizing” your home. Wrap insulation around any faucets and pipes. Look for any frayed wires or cords in the home. Look at your driveway for any cracks and reseal it prior to winter. Frozen water can expand cracks and result in more damage

7. Annual Winter Home Maintenance

Winter is another important part of your yearly home maintenance checklist. If you live in a cold area, you should clean the driveway and entrance if there is ice or icicles. Take a good look at your windows and doors to make sure everything is sealed tight. This will help prevent any air escape. 

In the bathroom, you should remove the showerhead to clear out sediment to prolong life and maintain water pressure. Look at the caulking surrounding your tub or shower and repair where needed. 

Be sure to clean drains in the sink, shower, and dishwasher. Check out the roof and gutters again for possible storm damage. 

Divide Your Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist

Cleaning your home and checking each room to make sure all equipment is in operating condition is the best way to maintain your home. The job may seem scary and complex if you look at it as a whole.

However, splitting everything during certain time periods helps. You are more likely to have a bigger headache if you avoid maintenance. Having a yearly home maintenance checklist will help reduce the likelihood of things going wrong and cost you more time and money. 

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