7 Important Things To Remember When Cleaning Your Home
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7 Important Things To Remember When Cleaning Your Home

Nowadays, the crucial thing is speed and efficiency. Sometimes you can see dust piling up in your house and you have little to no time to get rid of it because it will affect your job or so long waited for me-time. For some people cleaning is the most relaxing thing in the world, while, on the other hand, for some people, it is a daunting job. Anyway, there are some quick and smart ways to clean your house and to have the perfectionist level results. With these 7 pieces of advice, cleaning will not be so dreadful for you anymore. 

1. Dust Your House

Dust all the rooms in your house. It is best to find a suitable cleaning cloth for every surface and dust everything, from the furniture to the top of your door. Do not forget to dust the top and backsides of your furniture, picture frames, screens, shelves, and all the books on the shelf. If you have a problem with stubborn fingerprints on some surfaces, then it is best to dump a microfiber cloth and clean the surface.

2. Furniture

You will not get the job done unless you clean the furniture, in detail. Go and strip all the pillows, beds, couches, and sofas. Get all the washable things washed and refreshed. Have all of the blankets you use and the covers for the couches and sofas washed? It is smart to have them washed at least once in two weeks, due to their exposure to the various sources of debris. Additionally, use the vacuum extension for the couch or sofa fabrics. These extensions are able to deep clean your furniture. 

3. Mirrors and Glasses

This is one of the most dreadful things when it comes to cleaning. It takes time to have these surfaces all shiny and without any stains. Apart from using the cleaning products with effective results, it is of immense importance for these surfaces to be cleaned with a wet and dry microfiber cloth. These two will not leave any streaks. 

4. Clean all the Surfaces

It is mandatory to have all the surfaces in your house cleaned. Disinfecting is necessary for all the places. Make sure to clean all the places where fingers touch such as doorknobs, door handles, TV remotes, and phones. These are the places where most germs are located, and we usually forget to have them cleaned. Do not forget to clean all the devices in the house as well, including your microwave, oven, toaster, washing machine, dryer, etc. Dryers are a bit demanding for cleaning so it is smartest for you to find the best kits on the market for the dryers cleaning. If you want to check the devices and have them professionally cleaned then it is wise to consult professionals for these services. 

5. Kitchen 

Firstly, it is important to dust kitchen cabinets and clean the surfaces of the cabinets with both a wet and a dry microfiber cloth. This will clean the remaining dust and the stubborn fingerprints plastered all over the surfaces. Spray with the cleaning products the sink, taps, and holders. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. Clean the insides of the cabinets and wash the dishes you have not used for some amount of time. Pay the closest attention to the stoves, microwaves, and ovens. These are the places where the food is prepared and have the closest contact with food. Clean and disinfect the wall and floor tiles. 

6. Clean the Floors 

Once you have all the dust on the floor, it is time to have it whipped. Sweep, then mop or scrub the floor. Even if there are crumbs or a considerable amount of dust, it is wise to have it vacuumed before mopped. Make sure to have all of the surfaces cleaned before it comes time to clean the floor. There are some devices that come integrated with the bottle for the cleaning products, so you can have your floor cleaned without carrying the can around your house. It is a good thing to have separate mops for the bathroom and for the rest of the house. Sometimes, it is better to get on your knees and reach every corner of the room. You do not have to do this for your everyday cleaning, but if you are having your season or detailed cleaning, it is in a way mandatory not to miss even the tiniest speck of dust. 

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7. Vacuuming

There is no better final touch than a good vacuuming session. It is great to deep vacuum your furniture, furniture sides, all the carpets. It is also a good idea to once in a while have the chemical cleaning with the specialized cleaning kits. 

Deep cleaning of your home is the essential part of your home and general hygiene maintenance. Even though there are some times when cleaning appears to be more than dreadful action. It is necessary to clean your home every day, at least for the sake of your well-being.

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