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Art Supplies Shopping List For Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paint can be a great way to create a bold finish with bright colors on your next piece of artwork. The texture can easily be thinned using water, or kept at their set thickness for a crisp edge. Unlike most water based paints, acrylic is highly versatile, and it can be applied to a range of surfaces and textures. 

This is a complete shopping list with everything you will need to begin acrylic painting. For more information, including acrylic painting supply for professionals and a detailed comparison of brushes, click here. 


Arguably the most important piece of the puzzle is the paint itself. Make sure that you have chosen high quality acrylic paint rather than the more affordable brands. The price of the paint can really make a difference, because cheaper acrylic paints will typically be a worse  quality than the more pricey ones. 

They tend to have more water mixed with them, and will not behave in the same way as other acrylic paints. Try to avoid purchasing cheaper brands as you may find yourself using them up faster. It is definitely worth investing in more reputable brands of paint, no matter how much experience you have. 

Consider brands such as Windsor & Newton, Liquitex Heavy Body, and Sennelier Abstract Acrylics. A high quality acrylic paint will definitely be worth the investment. 


You should also think about your brushes when shopping for acrylic painting supplies. Of course, smaller, thin brushes make it easier to add fine details and patterns, and thicker, wider brushes are great for applying a base color. 

Depending on what type of project you are working on, you should consider which type of brushes to use. 

Painting Surface

Another essential thing worth taking into account is the painting surface. Because acrylic paint is highly versatile, it is easier to use a range of different textures and mediums. These include paper, wood, and canvas. 

While it depends on your intended project, it could be worth experimenting with different surfaces to see which you prefer to paint on. 


Acrylic paint is easy to mix into a range of colors that can be bold or more subtle depending on what type of impact you want to make. It is worth using a high quality palette so that you can experiment with mixing colors and adapting specific shades. 

If you are new to painting and are unsure about if you will continue, then you could use an old ceramic plate, or plastic Tupperware to mix your paints. There is no need to invest in an expensive artists’ palette if you do not know how committed you are. 

That said, acrylic paint is unlike watercolors as they do not come in their own container that can be activated with a wet brush. Acrylic paints will need to be squeezed out onto a surface that they can be worked from. 


A clean rag that is used exclusively for painting is a good idea, as spillages are likely when you get in the zone. It can also be useful when you clean a certain color off a brush. Using a wet brush to apply paint affects the texture and therefore how bold the color is. 

Try to keep a rag available after washing each brush so that you have more control over the amount of water that is mixed into the paint. It can also be a good thing to have on hand if you are prone to wiping the paint from your hands on your clothes. 

Water Pot

While you do not necessarily need to purchase a designated water pot, it’s important to have one that doesn’t get used for anything else. This can be an old jar that is waiting to be recycled, or a mug that is seldom used. 

Harmful toxins in acrylic paint mean that you should avoid keeping items used for painting with food preparation equipment. Keep your intended water pot for cleaning your brushes stored safely with your paints and brushes. 


You should also consider that acrylic paints can stain over time. Try to use a high quality soap and warm water to clean everything that you have used once you are finished, and before the paint has the chance to dry. 


There are a lot of things worth considering when you are shopping for new art supplies for acrylic painting, however they do not all have to be brand new. For example, your designated rag can be an old T-shirt, or washcloth. 

Depending on what type of project you are working on, it is worth comparing your options and trying out acrylic paint on different surfaces. 

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