Baby Gym

How To Choose A Baby Gym

A baby gym might sound ridiculous, but it’s not a set of tiny weights and a treadmill for crawling babies. It’s actually a soft, padded mat that lies on the ground with a hoop over the top of it, which will have a variety of fun and educational toys hanging down. It’s a great way to keep your baby occupied and it can be a good developmental tool too. Read on to find out how to choose a baby gym that will actually help.

The Design

Baby gyms need to be eye-catching to engage your baby and make them want to play. The colors should be bright and interesting, and they should be varied too. However, that doesn’t mean you have to have a baby gym that looks awful in your living room or bedroom. There are actually many designs to choose from that will help your child and still complement your décor.

If you know the gender of your baby because you decided to take a fetal sex test, you can make the choice even easier, assuming you want to pick a design in the traditional blue or pink colors. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re happy to have it in your home, because you’ll want your baby to use it as often as possible, and if you dislike it, you might prefer to hide it away.

Space To Hang Toys

The point of a baby gym is for very young babies who perhaps can’t even roll over, to be entertained. If they lie on their back on the mat and look up, you’ll want them to have a range of different hanging toys to look at and, when they are able to, to reach up and engage with.

This is why it’s important to choose a baby gym with plenty of space for different items. The baby gym itself should come with some toys (this is something to look out for, as you’ll want to start off with at least a few), but you’ll be able to buy more to add to the gym or to switch out if you want to make your baby more interested in something new. Make sure there’s space to hang multiple toys and that the bar they’re hanging from is secure.

Space For Tummy Time

It’s likely you’ll have heard about tummy time and how important it is to place little ones on their front for a little while each day. It not only changes their perspective (literally), but it helps them to strengthen their neck. Although you shouldn’t leave very young babies alone during tummy time, you don’t have to hold them; in fact, it’s best if they’re lying on a soft but flat surface.

The baby gym is the perfect piece of equipment for tummy time, and since you’ll have it anyway, you won’t have to buy more equipment that takes up more space. This makes budgeting easier, and it means your home can stay relatively tidy.

Check the padding on the mat carefully. Although it should be soft for comfort, it shouldn’t be so soft that it makes it dangerous for a baby to lie face down on it. Read all the reviews to ensure that the safety standards are being met.

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