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Building Your Own Firearm vs. Buying it. Which is Better?

Building improvised guns has been a hobby for gun lovers since guns were first made. Even in the 21st century, many gun enthusiasts are carrying on the legacy of building their own firearms. Therefore, different companies are operating online nowadays that provide gun parts to hobbyists ambitious about building guns. If you’re into assembling improvised firearms, you can utilize 80% lower receivers to make building your own firearm enjoyable. However, there is also a debate whether building your own firearm is better than buying a new one. Though it may seem that buying a new one is cheaper, the benefits of building, modifying, and customizing your own firearm make the latter option ideal for most prospective gun owners. Following are the reasons why you should build your own firearm:

Improved Performance

Since most pre-built firearms are manufactured in a not-so-ideal state, their build-up affects their performance and reliability. For instance, some triggers are crappy, and some magazines are loose. Building and customizing the firearm is the new norm. You can make your dream gun and join shooting competitions without worrying about the quality of the gun components. Just purchase quality body armor and gun kits to turn your good gun into an excellent one.

Quick Assembly

Once you start building your firearm, you can choose parts according to your preference. Unlike a manufactured gun, where you have to pay for unnecessary parts that you later remove, you can buy only those parts you need while assembling a gun. Such a firearm might seem costly, but it will be a reliable one. You can maximize the potential of a gun depending on the nature of your outdoor activities, e.g., archery, hunting, etc.


You can make your guns entirely unique through different modifications. Make them look fun and cool by adding features like high-visibility night sights. You will feel a sense of ownership once you carry it outside for shooting. You can modify the grip, barrels, magazines, recoil springs, and almost every part of the gun. Your preference and likeness will make it unique and reflect your personality. 


Once you assemble and disassemble the firearm, you will be able to fully understand how it works. On the contrary, you will have to go through complex manuals of pre-built guns to understand how they work. Once you are involved in customizing every single part, you will get familiar with the components. In case any part of your firearm does not work in the future, you will not have to seek help from others; rather, you can buy the gun part on your own.

Better Performance

Since consistency is the key, when you use your firearm consistently, your gun will have effective performance till it is kept well maintained and properly cleaned. For instance, you can modify your trigger so that it performs smoother. Before going to a competition, make sure to bring the self-assembled weapon that you have consistently been using. 

Building your own firearm and buying a new one are both your personal choices. The benefits of building your own firearm are greater than buying a new one since the former equips you with knowledge and experience, and you feel a greater sense of responsibility, reliability, and functioning of a firearm. It is not simple to assemble a firearm because it needs practice at the start. Once you assemble and disassemble the firearm, you become familiar with the anatomy and working of it. You can buy quality gun kits and armors from 80percentarms.com.

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