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Choosing a Garage Door Color That Compliments Your Home

If you’re planning to buy a new garage door, expect to spend between $750 to $1,638 on average. It’s a big investment and choosing the best color garage door for your home can make or break curb appeal.

You can break the bank on fancy types of garage doors but end up losing value if it clashes with your home’s aesthetics. The following guide will explain exactly how to choose the right garage door color to complement your house.

Read on before buying a garage door replacement to ensure that you spend your money wisely!

Identify Your Home’s Colors

Most houses include a primary color, a trim color, and an accent color for things like doors. Once you identify those three colors, decide if you want your garage door color to match the primary color or trim color.

Oftentimes, what looks best depends on your garage door’s placement and style and which colors need balance. For example, you can combine light primary colors with darker trim colors and the other way around.

It’s fun to get creative with accent colors when it comes to entryway doors, but it doesn’t always work the same way for garage doors. If you use a bold accent color on a garage door it will likely overpower your home’s color balance.

If you want to keep it simple, choose the same color as the primary color or go with a basic white. Choosing the same color as your home’s main color can make your house appear larger and complement other features.

After you select a color, you can visit this garage door installation company for examples of styles.

Bold Color Choices

Bold colors are eye-catching and add a sense of energy to a home. For example, red draws attention more than any other bold color choice.

If you want a garage door that brings delight, happiness, and warm energy, a bold yellow can get the job done. Yellow isn’t quite as daring as red but still attracts attention.

Refined Color Choices

Refined colors such as sleek black can bring a fierce and mysterious vibe to your garage door. Gray on the other hand can create a calming and dependable feel that blends well with most other colors.

A deep brown color adds elegance and interest but isn’t as drastic as a black garage door. Consider your home’s main color and design before choosing a refined color for your garage door.

Relaxed Color Choices

Some garage door colors can create a soothing effect to make homeowners feel more relaxed. They work to calm the mind rather than draw a lot of attention and stimulate the senses.

A dark green color represents growth and nature while evoking ideas of the woods or lagoons. Blue is a popular garage door color that represents tranquility and calmness.

Only consider blue or green for your garage door if your home already one uses one of the colors somewhere else. For example, blue or green might look great next to creamy white accent colors on older homes.

Selecting a Garage Door Color

Now you have plenty of ideas for your next garage door color and how to match them to your home. If you plan to repaint your entire home, you can get a lot more creative with your color choices!

Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful tips to easily upgrade your home.

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