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Competitive Team Sports You Don’t Need to Be a Pro at to Enjoy

Competitive team sports are a great way to stay active and healthy. There is something for everyone, no matter your skill level or competitive desires. All you need is one other person to start playing! Here are some of the most popular types of competitive team sports that you can play with friends at any age:


Volleyball is a great sport to play with friends because it doesn’t require a lot of equipment and the rules are simple. This sport requires good hand-eye coordination and jumping ability.

The game includes two teams of six players who cannot cross the net and use their hands or arms to hit an inflated ball over the net. The team with possession of the ball that hits it across the net is awarded points. It’s no secret that you can play volleyball in many different ways depending on your skill level and if you’re playing for leisure or competition. 

There are three main types of volleyball: beach, indoor, and sand (or outdoor). Beach volleyball is usually played in warmer months on a sand court, while indoor volleyball is played in an enclosed space such as a gymnasium. Sand (outdoor) volleyball can be either beach or indoor depending on the surface you’re playing on – usually, it’s played outdoors on sand. Still, you can also do it indoors on a carpeted surface.


Lacrosse is a sport that originated from Native American tribes in the seventeenth century. It is a team sport played inside a rectangular field with two goals at either end. The goal of the game is to shoot the ball into an opponent’s net using a long-handled stick, called a lacrosse stick, with a stringed pouch attached at the end for carrying and passing the ball. It is similar to basketball or hockey but involves more passing and less physical contact than either of these sports.

Several different types of lacrosse can be played depending on what type of equipment you have available and how many players are participating. In field lacrosse commonly played in North America, each team typically consists of 10 players: three attackmen, three midfielders, three defensemen, and one goalie. For box lacrosse, popular in Canada, each team consists of six players: three forwards, two defenders, and one goaltender.

The equipment needed to play lacrosse varies depending on position and level of play. At a minimum, each player must have a lacrosse stick (which includes the handle and pocket), goggles or helmet (depending on whether they play box or field), and cleats/shoes appropriate for playing turf fields. Other pieces of optional equipment include gloves for protection from sticks when defending against opponents’ shots; arm pads to protect elbows when diving for ground balls; rib pads to protect ribs when blocking shots; mouth guards; elbow pads; shoulder pads; padded shorts; thigh pads; jockstraps for males; and mesh jerseys for teams who choose to wear them rather than practice pinnies during warm-ups.

Gel Ball Game

The gel blaster is a toy designed for kids and adults alike. You can safely shoot it at anything you want, and the gel will stick to any surface, which makes it perfect for playing within your home or outside.  It also has some other great features: 

  • Gel Blaster comes with three cans of slime that are safe to use on skin 
  • The Gel Blaster can shoot up to 20 feet away 
  • Kids love this toy because they get instant gratification when it mucks lands on their target 
  • It’s easy for parents to find because it shoots farther than most toys and doesn’t make a mess as water blasters do.

In Australia, you need to be at least 18 years old to buy this product; some states will require a license and permit while purchasing exclusive gel blasters; therefore, it is vital to check your local laws before purchasing. Additionally, ensure you buy it at a reputable store that can provide you with a warranty and refund policy. They also update you on the current gadgets, accessories, and wears available. 

This game is a great way to have fun with friends and family. It’s perfect for all ages and can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors. It is also an excellent option for competitive team sports because you can have endless fun with it, and there are no rules. You can make up your games or compete against friends to see who can hit the target first.


Kickball is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. It’s simple to learn the rules, and you can play it almost anywhere.

The aim is to score more runs than your opponent by kicking an inflated rubber ball while running around four bases in order. Each player on the offensive team attempts to complete a circuit around all four grounds before tagging them with the ball. The game is typically played on an outdoor diamond-shaped field but can be adapted to other playing surfaces. 

Kickball is perfect for people who want to get some exercise and have fun simultaneously. There are few rules, so all you need to do is run around and have a good time. If you are looking for something fun to play with your friends, kickball may be the right choice. It’s great because it can be played in most locations, so there are no limits on where you can enjoy playing it.


Team Sports

Soccer is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. It’s simple to learn the rules, and you can play it almost anywhere.

The game’s primary purpose is to score more goals than your opponent using a spherical ball. The game is played on a rectangular field with two teams of eleven players each. The players attempt to gain possession of the ball and advance it toward their opponent’s goal while also preventing opponents from scoring any points. It is using any part of their body other than arms or hands.

Although soccer was initially played with a kicking leg, players almost always use their feet to move the ball around. They will touch it with their hands only when catching it in the air or within specific rules.

If you are looking for a sport to play with your friends that doesn’t require too much time and effort, then soccer may be the right choice. It’s also perfect if you enjoy physical activity because of all the running involved.

If you’re looking for a fun and competitive sport to play either with friends or family, any of the ones above would be great choices. They are all easy to learn and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. So get out there and have some fun!

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