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Custom Holiday Packaging for Holiday Snacks

The National Retail Federation offers some fascinating stats on 2020 holiday sales. Online retailers saw their sales increase by 23.9%. Meanwhile, grocery and beverage stores saw 9% more sales during the same period. If 2021’s figures match or exceed last year’s, that translates to even higher food sales. Whether you sell online, in-store or both, you need smart food packaging solutions. Keep reading to learn how investing in custom holiday packaging benefits both you and your customers.  

How To Customize Your Holiday Packaging With Mylar Bags 

Personalizing your food packaging may be easier than you think. But you do need to start with an optimal type of packaging. Retailers can choose printed mylar bags with several key features: child-resistant press-to-close zippers, moisture and odor barriers, tamper resistance and sustainable construction.  

Mylar bags offer a wide range of options to meet food producers’ needs. You can choose from many structure and material options: recyclable films, metalized PET or foil, freezer-safe bags, special laminate films and more. Finishes include glossy, metal, and matte in both traditional and soft-touch styles.  

 How Custom Bags Can Spice Up Your Favorite Foods 

Strong demand for customized flexible packaging remains. That’s no surprise, given all the advantages that this packing method provides. It’s incredibly popular with coffee producers thanks to its unique protective qualities: 

  • Custom printed coffee bags with degassing valves let CO2 out without permitting oxygen inside. 
  • Resealable press-to-close zippers lock in freshness.  
  • Custom coffee bags are also equipped with high-barrier films that keep oxygen and excess moisture out. 

Like personalized mylar packaging, these flexible bags are also customized through digital printing. Not only can you display full-color images of your product and branding, but you can also show the integrity of its contents—sustainability, traceability and other key information.  

Stand-up pouch packaging is another excellent option for food packaging. Like mylar bags, it also comes with high vapor barriers that prevent oxygen, moisture and odors from passing through. Child-resistant zippers provide the same protections for stand-up pouches as they do for mylar packaging. These pouches offer a large selection of finish options, print substrates, visual embellishments and sizes. Tear notches provide your customers with an easy-open solution. 

Digital Printing for Ultimate Customization 

Customizing mylar, flexible and stand up pouch packaging is simple. Digital printing results in photo-quality graphics plus faster completion times, allowing you to launch your products more quickly than with traditional options. It also offers the flexibility to release smaller product batches without sacrificing cost-efficiency. You can also include multiple product SKUs in a single run, which lets you release several products simultaneously. With digital printing’s incredible versatility, it’s a perfect solution for personalizing your holiday food packaging.  

Customized food packaging makes it easier to capture buyers’ attention. Special holiday flavors and limited-release varieties get standout visual packaging details to draw the customers’ eye. With child-resistant resealable zippers, barrier films and other freshness-focused features, you also build greater trust with your customers. Increased sales are just one payoff from customized food packaging. You gain a reputation for quality and integrity—and that’s impossible to put a price tag on.  

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