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Different Types of Shirts Women Enjoy Wearing Today

Women can be a little indecisive when it comes to picking their favorite shirt. This is because there’s something unique about every outfit in their wardrobe. If you’re patient enough to sit it through, They would be glad to give you a lecture about it all. This is why they can never have enough clothes.

Let’s face it clothes can never be enough. This is because of the innovative nature of the fashion industry. There are always new varieties to choose from. Let’s take a look at the different types of shirts women wear today.

1. Peter Pan Shirt

This is very apt for formal events and gatherings. It can be paired with a skirt or a nice pair of pants. You’re sure to feel very comfortable and confident when sitting in this shirt. Its flat collar makes it interesting. Women with the hourglass and apple body shape tend to rock it even better with their formal shoes.

2. Wrap Top

This one is tricky as it has a wrap that leaves you wondering if it’s a formal or casual outfit. The good news is, it depends on the fabric. It’s regularly worn to shop, see a movie or hang out with friends. The new generation of wrap shirts have found their way into the formal settings and are now worn to meetings.

3. Collar Top

This particular kind of collar top comes in big sizes. The original aim is to help hide tummy fats and still look amazing. Interestingly, these tops have become a favorite of not just plus-size women but also those who are slim. Maybe the comfort enjoyed while rocking this is the catch or because it can be worn to both formal and informal gatherings. Whatever the reason, these big-size collar tops are a must-have. Especially on days, you don’t feel like snatching your waist or tummy. You can throw this on your body and let your tummy breathe.

4. High Neck

These are very essential during winter. The good news is that it is also fashionable. It comes in different fabrics and quality. There are high neck shirts that can be worn to formal settings. While some are the best fit for informal events. High necks give extra protection from cold as the neck region is shielded in this outfit.

5. Corset Tops

For that extra trim look, it’s best to snatch it all in. Corset shirts are an all-time favorite of every woman. This is because we get the men drooling, check out this list compiled by professionals. It conceals body fat and gives a slimmer look. There is also something about the overall effect of a corset shirt that makes you look extra elegant. It fits almost of body shapes and sizes. The caveat is that you must get the right size of corset top before you rock it. It mustn’t be too tight or loose. Also, ensure you’re comfortable in it, or else you might actually pass out.

6. Off Shoulder Tops

These are tops that reveal the beauty of the collar bone. Just as the name implies, they leave the shoulders bare. They are mostly worn to dinners and informal events. If you’re scared of it slipping down, then you should get off shoulders tops that come with elastic bands. Another reason why women love this is that they get to showcase their neck accessories perfectly on this type of top.

7. Shirt Dress

This is probably one of the hottest trends right now. This shirt has the regular kind of office collar but instead of the short nature of most shirts. It comes in a longer form and in most cases, you have no reason to wear a trouser or skirt. All you need is trendy sneakers, canvass, flat shoes, or heels and you’re good to go. One fun fact about the dress shirt is, women pair it with a skirt or pants during official hours. Immediately the ‘TGIF’ clock rings, they yank off either the skirt or trouser. Some might change from their sneakers, into a nice pair of six inches, touch up their make-up, and off they go to la-la land.

8. Batwing Top

Just as the name implies, this top has a batwing feel. It almost, leaves you feeling a batwoman when you’re in it. The sleeves are loose and this makes it comfortable. It’s mostly worn in informal settings but if you work in a relaxed environment. You can easily rock this to your workspace.

There are a wide variety of tops to choose from. It’s best to choose shirts that reflect your mood. This helps you go about your duties more efficiently. Also, you can never go wrong with tops that are versatile in nature.

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