Dutch oven benefits

Dutch ovens have been used in many countries all over the world for hundreds of years in many culinary traditions. And this cookware was mainly designed to use above open fireplaces and hot coal. Most cast iron Dutch ovens are oven-safe. So what are the benefits and advantages of Dutch ovens?

  1. Unlike conventional non-stick cast irons, Dutch ovens are safe and healthy

Not only cast irons are safe-to use, but they are also beneficial and healthy. In fact, using cast irons to prepare your everyday meals will help add a small dietary level of iron to your body. So, with a cast iron, you can make sure that the food you are cooking for your family is one hundred percent safe-to eat.

  1. Use Dutch oven if you don’t want your food to stick

There is nothing better than a non-stick Dutch oven that brings the taste of the past to your platter and that reminds you of your grandmother’s best bread. Dutch ovens are known for its long term of use, you can use it for over thirty years and it will cook in the same way and the same originality.  Scanpan and greenpan both have great dutch oven sets

  1. Easy To Clean:

Cleaning kitchen appliances may be one of the most frustrating issues that may frighten a housewife, but not with Dutch ovens. Indeed, Cast irons are characterized by its very easy cleaning process. And when I say Dutch ovens are easy-to clean, I am not saying that we can put it in a dishwasher, of course not, but it can be easily cleaned with a little quantity of hot water. Make sure never to use dish soap to clean a Dutch oven and never use any towels or steel wool because it can damage the Dutch oven. It is recommended to use a sponge instead.

  1. Dutch oven is affo

Despite the high quality of Dutch ovens, it might be surprising for you that Dutch ovens are extremely affordable and cheaper than many other conventional cooking appliances. And this isn’t all, in addition to its affordability, Dutch oven are available everywhere, so you don’t have to search hard to find this cooking appliance and you can get it easily with less than 50$.

  1. Dutch ovens are highly versatile

Wood stoves are now became an environmental friendly stoves for people who don’t have to spend more oil or LPG gases. There are stoves which sell online but buying wood stoves online is great idea for people who wants to consume money. Wood stoves plays a great role and eco friendly stove to use and woods are being used in a good way

Cast iron Dutch ovens are durable, affordable and easy-to find. Besides, this cookware is also versatile.

  1. Using Dutch oven cooks amazingly delicious recipes

If you have a Dutch oven in your house or you found it in your mother’s or grandmother’s attic and you are thinking of giving it away because you don’t know how to use it, it is high time you changed your mind. For instance, you can cook sumptuous dishes in a Dutch oven like cinnamon rolls, fried potatoes and even omelet, bread and many other desserts. If you wonder how the Dutch oven functions, it is very easy; this cookware works as a heat blanket that seals juices and flavours within, which prevents your dishes from drying out.

Important tip:

Whenever you purchase a new cast iron Dutch oven, make sure to purchase it with an oven-safe lid so that you guarantee a safe cooking process.

Dutch Oven Tips

Dutch ovens are credited for being a useful cookware that can last a lifetime, but this can only happen when you follow certain tips that can help you use this cooking appliance properly. And on this note, here are some useful tips you can follow if you want to master the use of Dutch oven:

  1. Whenever you want to use your Dutch oven, make sure to wash it at the first place

Before you use your Dutch oven for the first time, make sure to wash it with soapy hot water; then dry it with a soft clean cloth. And although many types of Dutch ovens can be washed with the help of a dishwasher, try to hand-wash it instead whenever you can.

  1. Cast iron Dutch oven holds heat very well

Cast iron Dutch ovens are characterised by its ability to hold heat and thanks to this characteristic, Dutch ovens help retain more heat. Hence, the process of distributing heat during the process of cooking remains balanced allowing more to maintain as many flavours as possible. Besides, the Dutch oven can help keep food warm for quite a long time.

  1. You can use Dutch oven on all heat sources

You can always use Dutch ovens on top of all heat sources like on a gas stove, in an oven , on electric coil stoves or even in a grill. Besides, Dutch ovens can also work on wood or coal alike. So whenever you are using a Dutch oven, you have the freedom to use whatever heat source you want according to your liking and to the occasion. However, keep in mind to keep the temperature not too hot and not too low either, otherwise, you will risk scorching it.

  1. Do never use very high temperatures while using a Dutch oven

When using a Dutch oven, make sure never to use very high temperatures unless you need to boil water, pasta, to reduce the consistency of sauces, stocks or for cooking vegetables. Indeed, Dutch ovens work very well when the heat is balanced and under control; so always make sure never to preheat the Dutch oven on high. Heating a Dutch oven on High can cause your food to stick and believe me you don’t want that to happen.

  1. Always grease the Dutch oven before using it

As a general rule, you should never cook food in a Dutch oven without greasing it because that way, you are going to risk sticking or burning food. And if you wonder what you can use to grease the Dutch oven with, just use oil, fat or butter.

  1. You can marinate ingredients in a Dutch oven

Did you know that you can marinate ingredients in your Dutch oven? Yes, indeed, and don’t worry, marinating food in your Dutch oven is a safe option that is safe-to use with raw ingredients or acids.

  1. Be careful of scratching your Dutch oven

Whenever you want to use a Dutch oven, be careful of scratching it with a metal and to avoid this risk, it is better to use wooden cooking utensils or silicone. And if you want to avoid the risk of scratching your Dutch oven, avoid any abrasive cleaners like metallic scrubbing pads.

  1. Always watch out for the quantity of water you are using

When you want to cook in your Dutch oven, check and double check if necessary to make sure the Dutch oven is dry. And fully dry the Dutch oven when you want to store it on the shelf; also keep it away from the moisture so that the iron won’t rust and you end up losing your precious cookware.

  1. Pay attention to the cooking timeline

Just about 30 minutes before using your Dutch oven outdoors, you should start a fire. Most Dutch oven meals take about 1 hour to be perfectly cooked. You would want to start the cooking process about two hours before the sunset to have dinner on time.

  1. Keep the fire established

Once you have established the campfire for the Dutch oven, keep putting the logs to get a nice coal going. The coal you are going to obtain will help you cook your food properly instead of burning it. It is also recommended to gather some rocks of small size to create a pit. Also be patient and don’t open the lid frequently while cooking because you will risk allowing the heat to release and you will eventually delay the cooking process.


There are many brands and varieties of Dutch ovens, but no matter what type you choose to purchase, you should follow the previous tips in order to make sure your food comes out perfectly cooked. You may also line your Dutch oven with an aluminium foil to help cook better your desserts. And never place the lid on the ground. So are you ready to start this enjoyable cooking journey?

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