Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip: 9 Tips

You packed your bags, took all the necessary things with you and you are about to hit the road in your brand new equipped vehicle. Even if you have a good car for the road trip, like Jeep Grand Cherokee (read more about its features), however, you’re still a bit nervous and feel like your car might let you down. This article lists some tips on how to prepare your automobile for a long trip.

1. Checking the technical condition. Assessing your vehicle’s technical state should be your initial step. The best course of action is to drive the vehicle to the mechanic’s shop for a diagnostic and then do all necessary adjustments based on the findings. Such faults, particularly on a long trip, should not be taken lightly and may be discovered as a consequence of the examination, such as in the braking system or engine functioning.

2. Air conditioner check. If the condition of this accessory is unsatisfactory, it is directed to fill it up and replace the filters. Comfortable temperature mode during the trip and the complete absence of extraneous odors can make the trip more pleasant.

3. Engine and battery. These important parts should be checked before leaving on a long trip: diagnose for malfunctions. Experienced drivers advise you to do it not several days before a “long trip”, but at least several weeks in advance. If it is necessary – change injectors or filters. It is also important to check the battery and recharge it.

4. Water, technical fluids, and fuel and lubricants. On a long road, the engine may behave differently than in the usual conditions of urban mode, so 1 liter of engine oil for refill should be available. In unfamiliar areas, you can also turn to the wrong place and wander a few dozen kilometers, so a 5-liter canister of gasoline, especially if the brand of fuel is not the most popular, can help at the right moment. About the presence of water in the car needless to say – both people and the car consume it all the time. It is not superfluous to have a liquid for cleaning bitumen and traces of insects on the windshield, headlights and hood.

5. All for tires. Rubber repair kit (for sealing tiny punctures and cuts), jack, compressor, a few extra bolts, spare tire, and yet another tire wrench. You should also inspect the wheel rims at the tire shop to determine if they are misaligned. Check the tire pressure, wheel balance, and alignment to see if there is an issue. It is also important to pay attention to the condition of the tires so that there are no cuts, bulges, or damage, and that the tread is not worn off.

6. Gadgets. A radar detector, video recorder, and GPS navigator. In modern conditions on the roads, you can’t do without electronic assistants. Moreover, if your car is not cheap and has complex electronics, it is recommended to have a multi-master OBD2 scanner for independent computer diagnostics of your car and reading of error codes.

7. Replacement parts. Power leads, spare alternator belt, set of fuses, spare set of spark plugs (can be used), set of headlight bulbs.

8. Other small items. Screw clamps (a pair) for the hoses of the main lines, flashlight with a supply of batteries, batteries for the alarm key fob, fine grit sandpaper, work gloves, sponges, and rags. Without a doubt, having little pillows or unique inflatable modules in the automobile for pleasant head and neck fixation would also be appreciated by the passengers. It will also feel cozier with a plaid. All of these elements will make the car’s tiny interior uncomfortable, which will prolong and deepen the occupants’ slumber during the lengthy journey.

9. Just in case. A cooler bag, a sunblind for the windshield, a knife, matches, duct tape, a folding shovel, and a raincoat. Knowledgeable drivers also advise keeping pepper spray for self-defense and a bottle of vodka in the trunk as a global form of payment since you never know what situations you’ll encounter or who you’ll need to seek for assistance from.


Undoubtedly, each driver before leaving on a long journey in his own car, decides for himself what is useful for him on the road, and what is not. As for the car itself, ignoring faults or minor defects can lead to serious problems later. However, it is necessary to repair and clean the car not only on the eve of a big trip – it should be in excellent condition at all times.

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