How to Be More Fashionable: 4 Easy Tips

Sometimes fashion just goes a little bit too far with weird and wacky trends. In this post, we will keep things simple and elegant!

The question of how to be fashionable is age-old. For some, style and fashion come naturally, while others are left pondering whether they should step out the door or not in the recent “jeggings” they bought on a whim.

Well, whether you’re confident or not in your fashion choices, we’ve put together this little guide to help you stay on trend. Here are 4 easy tips every stylish woman should know about when it comes to fashion. 

1. Planning Is Key

Plan out your outfits with plenty of time to spare. Just throwing on the first things you see in the morning lying around your wardrobe might end up being a fashion disaster for the rest of the day. 

Spend time trying different clothing items and shoes on to see what works. Also, be realistic about when you want to wear an outfit you put together. The last thing you want is to make a quick change of what you are going to wear for an occasion and it doesn’t work out.

2. Choose the Right Inspiration for You

A good way to approach women’s fashion is to find inspiration sources that fit in with your lifestyle and outlook on life. You may have a favorite Instagram star that you follow, but will you suit their style in your day-to-day life?

Think of inspiring people who you think have a similar look to you. Consider what they wear to enhance their particular figures and then use these thoughts as a baseline to start developing your wardrobe. You can also look to some of the classic influencers of women’s fashion for inspiration.

3. Minor Details Count

Sometimes, it’s the minor details that make an outfit pop. For instance, you might want to get a classy pair of 36 inch shoelaces to replace the old scraggy ones you have right now to make your shoes take on a whole new look.

Also, when it comes to women’s style, always think about accessories. Adding a colorful scarf or a watch into the mix to set things off can add an extra dynamic to your outfits. Subtle jewelry additions can have the same effect. When you incorporate colored diamond jewelry, such as an alluring blue diamond ring, into your attire, it instantly elevates your fashion game with a distinctive and eye-catching touch.

4. Always Overdress if You’re Not Sure

If there is a time or occasion when you have no idea what to wear, then the best fashion advice is to overdress. Of course, take into account practical considerations here, however. For instance, avoid heels or wedges if there is any sort of physical activity on the agenda. 

But in general, overdressing is one of those fashion tips you should keep close to heart. And then as a safeguard, you can bring a little jacket along to cover up your glammy efforts if you end up feeling a little uncomfortable. 

How to Be More Fashionable Every Day

The question of how to be more fashionable begins with the basics. Plan your outfits, choose fitting inspiration, focus on minor details, and if in doubt, overdress. 

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