How to Choose a New Pair of Running Shoes

Whether you’re training for a marathon or want to lose weight, running is the best choice you have. If you’re worried about the length of the track, don’t be. If it’s your first time, you can go for a shorter route. Later on, you can go even further as you progress. 

But before you start, let’s take in a few pointers on choosing good-quality running shoes. Without shoes, you’re risking injury and permanent damage. With that said, here are some tips on how to choose a new pair of running shoes:

Determine Where You’ll Run

Where you jog or run is a significant factor in choosing your running shoes. Do you run on rugged trails and rough terrain? How about indoor tracks or gravel paths? Remember that specific designs can work for or against you when you go on specific tracks. Here are some running shoes to consider:

Road-running – These shoes are light and flexible. They’re designed to stabilize you and provide cushion on hard and even surfaces. These shoes are perfect for those who run on the road, on tracks, or the treadmill.

Trail-running – Trail running shoes are your best bet if you plan to go to rougher terrain. They have bigger cleats on the outsole designed to provide that extra grip when dealing with rocks, mud, grass, and other uneven terrain.

Cross-training – Designed for gym workouts and cross-training, these shoes provide balance on whatever surface you’re planning to run. In addition, cross-training shoes provide more contact with the ground.

If you force wearing a shoe that’s designed for indoor tracks on a gravel path, then you’re wearing your shoe out faster than intended. You’ll also be experiencing discomfort and difficulty running. Don’t risk the injury; get the right shoe.

Comfort and Cushion

Your feet will feel the impact you make as you stride across your trail. If you have poor cushioning, you’ll feel uncomfortable, or worse, you’ll develop a debilitating injury. To avoid such mishaps, you need to get comfortable running shoes.

Aside from protecting you from injury, you’ll also be faster since you’re comfortable. You can learn more about choosing the right shoes at Make sure that the shoes you choose don’t require a break-in period to get comfy. The moment you put on a shoe, you should immediately feel the comfort as you test it by walking slowly.

Buy Shoes During the Afternoon or Evening

This tip may sound weird, but buying shoes at the right time can make a big difference. If you go out in the morning, your feet might still be swelling. Though you may not feel or see the subtle changes, your feet naturally expand as the day goes on. 

If you buy your shoes early in the morning, you’re actually buying shoes that are too tight. You’ll immediately feel the changes when it’s in the afternoon or evening. So shopping for shoes in the evening is sound advice.

Knowing Your Gait

For a more comfortable fit, you should also know your gait. Gait is how your feet move or behave when you run. There are four basic gaits:

Severe Overpronation – The heel hits the ground first and then goes inward excessively. This gait is typical for people who are flat-footed or have low arches.

Mild Overpronation – With this gait, the heel still hits the ground first, but the foot then rolls slightly inward. As the foot moves inward, it slightly absorbs the shock. People with low to medium arches have this gait.

Neutral – The middle or outward part of the heel hits the ground first. People with medium arches have a neutral gait.

Underpronation – The outside part of the heel hits the ground first. Normally, the feet roll inward. With underpronation, the hello stays on the outside of the entirety of the foot strike, lessening the way the foot absorbs impact. People with higher arched feet have this gait.


As you continue your journey towards a healthy you, you need the right tools to go along with. One of the essential tools to have when losing weight and being healthy is the proper running shoes. The tips above will help you choose the best fitting shoe for your needs.

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