How to Create a Workplace First Aid Kit

As the boss, you are responsible for not only the overall well-being of those subordinates to you but also general workplace safety. How you achieve this will differ from industry to industry (a warehouse will have different health and safety requirements than an office), but the one thing that remains constant is the need for a high-quality first aid set ready for any injury specific to the environment. In fact, in most jurisdictions, having access to a fully stocked kit could even be a legal requirement. However, realizing you need one is only the beginning; the next step is learning the specifics of how to make one. This post will address the primary factors you must take into account when developing a workplace-specific first aid kit that will ensure that most injuries are dealt with. 

Consider Purchasing Them From Specialized Dealers

Before you embark on a crusade of research and traipsing around various medical suppliers, why not head over to businesses that specialize in developing first-aid kits for a variety of settings? When you visit a first aid supplies online store, you will often be greeted with a considerable variety of kits that are fully stocked with everything needed in certain situations. This is not only a massive time saver, but you are guaranteed that the gear you buy will contain everything you need. This cuts down on wastage and ultimately saves money, meaning you can purchase more kits to distribute throughout the workplace. 

Assess Your Workplace Needs

While visiting these dedicated sites is great, it will all be for naught if you don’t first consider your needs. For insurance, if your business deals with chemicals, you will need a kit that contains a healthy amount of chemical burn products. Conversely, if you’re in an office setting, items included in industrial first aid kits will likely be surplus to use and cost you more since you’re buying things you will never use. If you live in a jurisdiction with a robust health and safety culture, you can usually find out what you need based on the environment in your country’s health and safety directives. For example, in the USA will be OSHA, in the UK will be the HSE; in Australia, Safe Work Australia, and so on.

Ensure Everything Is Labeled Clearly And Visibly

A first aid kit is next to useless if it’s not clearly marked as such. Moreover, they need to be strategically placed around the location and visible enough that everyone knows where to go when there is an emergency. It’s also worth finding out who your designated health and safety officer is, consulting with them about where they think the kits will be best placed, and training them on how to use them correctly.

Keep A Record Of Usage

Picture the scene: there has been an accident in the workplace, but when the person in charge of administering first aid heads to the kit, they find it lacking the necessary items or, even worse, entirely empty. Unfortunately, this scenario is more common than you might think. However, it can be easily avoided by keeping a log book next to each kit so that it is logged when an item is used. Then, during a designated period of time, those in charge can go around each kit and restock it as required.

First aid kits are not merely a legal must-have; they are necessary to ensure your employees remain fae and feel secure during working hours. You can keep your team safe and happy in the knowledge that they are safe if injured by investing in a variety of well-stocked kits and ensuring they are appropriately administered.

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