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How To Find a Hand Therapist: 4 Factors to Consider

Finding a new healthcare professional that you trust is never easy, especially when looking for someone to add to your child’s care team. It is always stressful to trust someone new, not to mention choosing the person you are not sure is the perfect medical professional. It would be easy if there was a formula one can use to choose the perfect therapist in their area but unfortunately; things do not work that way. But that does not mean you cannot find one, there is a way. Read on for some important factors to consider before deciding which therapist is the right one for your needs.

1. Does Long-Term Experience Matter?

Long-term experience always matters in all professions, but in this one, not always. It takes a lot to become an OT since you are required to pass the National Board Exam and be licensed for hand therapy in Melbourne practice, and also have a master’s degree in the subject. That basically means that by the time you are licensed to operate as an OT you are already qualified and experienced even before stepping on the field. 

2. Your OP’s Personality

You may find the best OT in the world and have them as the leading expert in your case, have the most astounding therapy space, and is extremely experienced and creative with their treatments. That makes you feel like everything is going to go perfectly.

As time goes by, you notice that you are not progressing as you had hoped. What you should not fail to understand is that it is easier to endure things you do not like. That is the reason why it is best to choose a practitioner who makes you comfortable with treatments. 

3. Experience and Results

There is no telling the exact results you will get much less how long it will take to achieve them. Most time you might spend years with a therapist and make progress through various goals within the time spent together. Therefore, you may not see an obvious finish line but the important thing is that you are kept in the loop on what you are working towards and the success. Suppose you have been working with an OT for some time, yet you fail to see any notable improvement. Perhaps, it is time you should have a robust conversation regarding the purpose of your treatment sessions and what to expect. 

4. Does Location Matter?

This may seem like a rhetorical question considering you will prefer a place that is nearer to your home as opposed to driving down to appointments in a place where you spend about an hour in traffic. However, location is not really an important factor as far as the OT is concerned. 

If you have time and adequate resources, you should definitely go for it since you want the best therapist with proven results. But it is important to note that consistency is key since in most cases, long-distance commuters usually start off energized. But after some time that eagerness to attend every single appointment declines. 


You will find no formula to choosing an OT. Unfortunately, you may even need to try a few practitioners in hand therapy in Melbourne before finally finding the meeting of your needs. You can start your search by getting referrals maybe from your physician, reliable websites, or people who have worked with a few OTs before. 

It is important for you to attend your therapy sessions on a regular basis to increase your chances of success and also instill important lessons about commitments. 

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