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How to Install Timber Decking and Installation Instructions

Decking is building outdoor decks and patios. Timber decking is specifically when decks are made up of decks. The timber can be procured from different kinds of hard and softwood species. The wood texture and appearance can be selected as per the choice of the user. The outdoor deck is very important as it gives a different look to the place and changes the vibe of the place. The people who have decks outside their place have eventually more living space.

Here is a proper installation guideline for timber decking and other suggestions that can be helpful to install it:

  1. Give space between joists

The one who is installing the timber decks for commercial use should make sure that the maximum difference between joists should not be more than 400mm from the centre to centre. For any further information, one can consult a professional as well.

  • The gap around the perimeter

The minimum clearance of joist structure and deck boards should be 10mm when they are being installed around building or door sills. Also, the joist structure should be below the damp course. This will help the person to allow for any future expansion.

  • Ensuring rain water passage 

The gradient of the joist should be 2mm in fall so that there is a passage created for the passing of rainwater. This also helps in low maintenance of the deck as the water would not stand under the deck ensuring the quality of wood not to decrease.

  • Fixings for the deck board

The dimensions of coated deck screws are 4.5×63mm. They can be of stainless steel as well.

  • Pilot holes

It is suggested that the pilot hole should be drilled first before screwing down. Also, for screwing it is suggested to use a self-countersinking screw.

  • Fixing the timber deck board

It is suggested that one should use screws rather than nails as they provide better fixing of joists. Also, there should be two screws per joists so that it can be fixed properly. One has to take care while fixing that timber does not get split. The fixing of the screw should be a minimum 15mm from the end of the deck board and 20mm from its edge. This measurement will help the timber board not to get damaged.

  • Deck boards spacing

The space between each deck board should be a minimum of 5-6mm. One should ensure this spacing for a proper deck.

  • Joining two boards in one go

One should be careful while joining two timber boards in one go. They should be secured with screws from at least 15mm from the end of every board. Also, ensure that every timber board requires a 6mm minimum gap.

  • Coating the holes and protecting the deck

One should ensure the safety of the timber deck. Any drilled hole or cut part of timber should be treated with timber preservative. This ensures a long life of the deck and safety of the users.

So, one can follow the above-mentioned instructions to make a good timber deck.

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