How to Make the Most of Your Trip to Cleveland

Traveling in the Midwest offers a unique experience. In particular, the city of Cleveland has a long list of attractions that make it worth a visit. The Rock and Roll Capital of the World has often had a negative perception from outsiders who don’t understand what makes the city special. In most cases, the people who say those things have never been there because there is plenty to love about Cleveland. 

You might be on a business trip for work that takes you through this region of Ohio. Or maybe you are making plans to visit family and are looking for some things to do during a weeklong stay for the holidays. You could be on a road trip across the state that takes you along the coast of Lake Erie. No matter your reason for traveling, you shouldn’t waste the opportunity of passing through Cleveland.

How can you make the most of your trip to this metropolis? Let’s take a look at some strategies and attractions for enjoying your journey to Cleveland to the fullest.

Unique Transportation

When you are traveling in a new location, you have to pay more attention to driving around the city. There are different street layouts, unfamiliar signs, and traffic patterns that don’t match what you are used to. Paying attention to these things while driving your own vehicle or a rental car can take away from your experience of the city. Rather than miss out on the sights and sounds, consider choosing alternative modes of transportation. You can rely on public transit like buses or the subway. Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are also very popular in big cities for travelers. You could even rent a bike, as long as you understand all the safety tips for cyclists. With so many options, there is no need to add the stress of driving to diminish your Cleveland experience.


While you may not get a choice in your accommodations if you are traveling for business, you should always take advantage if it is up to you. You can certainly book a hotel room for a conventional stay in a new place, but you could have a far more relaxing experience by looking for Airbnb sites in Cleveland. Airbnb offers far more versatility in terms of the amenities and the room styles that hotels cannot match. Plus, it is easy to identify what accommodations have high ratings so that you can feel confident with your choice. It can be far more fun to have access to your own living room, bathroom, kitchenette, and even a balcony that you might be able to find at an Airbnb. 

Attend a Local Event

Going to events based in the city of Cleveland can add to the authenticity of your trip. It connects you more with the culture and people of the city, creating more memories to take back home. There are plenty of opportunities to embed yourself in Cleveland culture, one of which is to attend a live sporting event. Clevelanders love their sports teams, and you can get Guardians tickets for a decent price if you enjoy watching Major League Baseball. You could also try to head to a Cleveland Browns football game or a Cleveland Cavaliers NBA game. Nothing beats the boisterous atmosphere of a massive stadium with thousands of screaming fans. 

Check Out the Attractions

There is no better way to spend your time in Cleveland than to visit some of its most popular attractions. You could head to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to learn about the legends of Rock and the impact that this genre has had on the city. If you are visiting during the holidays and love classic Christmas movies, then you could visit the house from A Christmas Story. The Cleveland Botanical Garden is home to a large collection of flora and fauna that will let you get in touch with nature during your visit. If you are interested in unique naval vessels, then you can stop at the USS COD, a Gato-class submarine that is named after the well-known fish species. 

Don’t Forget Your Souvenirs

Taking memories back with you will certainly prolong the joy of your Cleveland experience, but having some physical objects can be a lot of fun to stir memories down the road. If you went to a sporting event, buy a stadium cup or hold onto the tickets. Most museums have a gift shop where you can buy on-theme memorabilia to remember your trip by. There are lots of options for gifts that you can buy during your stay in Cleveland that can be easily packed up and brought back home to be displayed in your office, by the bedside, or in the family room. 

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