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Reliving Childhood Memories: How to Watch Old Cartoons Today?

Cartoons are a staple of childhood – they help to build a child’s imagination and expand their understanding of the world. As time goes by, however, these cartoons will slowly fade from a child’s memory. One can try to hold onto a fleeting memory from the past but sometimes the only choice is to recreate it through something new.

Luckily, the cartoons of the 80s are making a comeback.  These shows have not been aired on TV since they were off the air 10 or 20 years ago, but now you can watch them. It is possible that some of these old cartoons are just as enjoyable to watch today as they were when they originally aired on TV. But there’s no need to take my word for it – see for yourself how good your childhood memories really are!  Here, we’ll show you how to find and watch old cartoon episodes online right now.

Use Search Engine to Find and Watch Them

One of the first things that new viewers will want to do is find out where they can watch some of these great cartoons. Fortunately, this is easy to do with the help of search engines like Google. For example, if you type “watch old cartoon online” into Google, it will provide multiple free options. This is a safe and simple way to start re-watching your childhood cartoons right away. A simple click on the link will show you where to go in order to see one of your childhood memories. Another useful search term is “how to watch old cartoons.” This will return results for several sites that are free, legal, and easy to access.

Try Streaming Platforms

Since a lot of these old cartoons are actually episodes from much longer series, it makes sense to use streaming platforms so you can watch an entire show. Hulu and Netflix currently have several options. Whether it’s watching the classic Dragon Ball Z on Netflix or The Powerpuff Girls on Hulu. If you go to either website, simply type the name of the cartoon in the search bar and then click on any episode that seems interesting that is available for streaming. It’s that easy!

Amazon has a platform where you can rent several old cartoons for a small fee. But keep in mind that Amazon is not free – you will have to pay a few dollars per episode depending on the length of the show. However, this might actually be worth it if you want to watch an entire series at once.

Remember to Use YouTube

Sometimes, finding old episodes of cartoon series on streaming platforms can be difficult or impossible. This is especially true if the show you’re looking for isn’t particularly popular anymore. When this happens, it’s always a good idea to go directly to YouTube where many people have uploaded episodes of their favorite shows that are free to watch. Keep in mind that not every episode of every cartoon has been uploaded, but a quick search will often return enough results to satisfy your hunger for nostalgia.

YouTube does have some downsides, however. First, there are ads on every video so you will have to deal with that. Also, while many people upload these episodes for free, others do it in order to get subscribers for their own channels. Sometimes they charge a small fee to watch the videos without ads.  Copyright restrictions mean that most episodes are removed within a couple of days. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that any given video will be available for very long.

Cable TV Subscriptions

There are a handful of cable TV networks that broadcast old cartoons in their programming lineup. The best example is Boomerang, which broadcasts several shows from the 1950s to the 1990s with a few more recent additions. However, not every show you remember watching as a kid will be available on this network so you might have to look for something else.

If you happen to have a cable TV subscription, then you can consider this option as well. Keep in mind that, sometimes, most of these shows will only come on during the early morning hours so it might be difficult to watch them unless you get up particularly early. But this is still an option if there is nothing else available and you can make it work with your schedule.

If you’re a child of the 80s or 90s, chances are that you grew up watching cartoons. Where can one watch old cartoon series today is what has been discussed above.

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