How to Install Solar Panels

How to Install Solar Panels

Do you plan to have a solar panel installation and want to know how to install solar panels?

Since 2019, the US has had over two million solar PV installations. As solar panel systems become more accessible, we’ll likely see more switches to solar.

Before committing to this change, you must know the process of getting a solar panel installation before doing it. In the solar panel guide below, we’ll cover the installation steps. We’ll also share tips on easing the installation costs and process.

1. Everything You Need Before the Installation

Every process must start with research. Use the internet to get a basic idea of solar panel systems and how they work. For example, ensure your roof is stable and sturdy for a solar PV installation first.

Talking to a solar panel expert is an excellent way to find out what you need. The ideal party to approach is a solar panel installer or a solar company. An example is Blue Raven solar company.

Companies like these can tell you what you need to calculate and consider for getting the top solar panel benefits. Some of these things include:

  • Your electricity needs
  • Number of sun hours
  • Size of your home

Get an engineer to survey your home with you with a solar panel expert for the best results.

It’s also essential to get the proper permits before starting the solar panel installation. For this, you’re going to need the help of your solar company to get them.

2. How to Install Solar Panels on a Roof

You can start installing once you’re sure your roof can withstand a solar panel installation. Look for an area or part of the roof that gets the most sun in a day. Next, order the solar panel system equipment and prepare the needed tools.

The next step on how to install solar panels is to build the platform. This is what connects the panels to your roof. Ensure the platform is stable, strong, and secure enough to withstand extreme weather.

Mount the panels next when the platform is ready. Wear protective gear while you’re working on the roof, like harnesses. When your panels are secure, the next step is the wiring.

Take extra care when you’re connecting the wires. Ground the panels and mounting system to prevent electric accidents. The following step is to connect all the electrical components to the proper places.

Finally, test-run the solar panel system.

3. Solar Panel Tips for Installation

Over three perecnt of electricity in the US comes from solar energy. Its sustainability is one of the driving forces behind this shift to solar power. However, not all homes and locations are fit for solar panel installation.

States like Alaska and North Dakota get only a little sun, so a solar panel system isn’t efficient there. Your roof may also need renovating before a solar panel installation. Include the costs of renovation with your budget if this is the case.

Our last and most important tip is to get a professional solar company to help with the installation. Avoid DIY solar panel installations as much as possible. Getting help from expert solar companies will save you time, money, and effort.

Switch to Solar Energy Now

Now, you know how to install solar panels onto your roof. You’re ready to shop for the most appropriate solar panel system for your home.

Did you enjoy reading about these solar panel system installation steps? Find more informative and helpful content on our blog now.

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