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Interesting tips to modernise your living room

The living room is the place where the complete family gathers together to spend time, making such room look messy or congested turns out room atmosphere into dull and gloomy. It’s time to make changes to your living area and make it your family’s favourite hangout place. Here are some interesting ideas-

Choose the appropriate colour

Based on the size, furniture and ventilate of the room, decide on an appropriate room colour which doesn’t turn into too bold or too dull for eyes. Eye catchy wall colours always make the room atmosphere positive. Like if your living room doesn’t get enough lighting, choosing some glossy colour like chocolate shade can make your room look dark like a wooden box but not too dark. Thus choosing an appropriate colour for the walls may help you to turn the disadvantages of the room structure to positives.

Maintain proper spacing for traffic flow

Always make sure that the living room is not too congested or stuffed with furniture. Make sure that there is proper space between furniture placed. In order to avoid overcrowding the room, choose furniture according to the space available. For example, for a small living, a coffee table may become knee-knockers. Hence choosing drum tables instead, leaves you with much more space and also supports free traffic flow.

Only limited furniture

Stuffing up the living room with furniture is always a bad choice. The living room looks attractive with free floor space. Families with children can have full advantage of free floor space. Children can play freely while elders gather around in the room. There would be no tension of anyone getting hurt.

Comfortable seating

Instead of using dining chairs in order to save space, opt for arm chairs and plush sofas for seating. A comfortable seating arrangement always wins the hearts of the guests. If there are children in the house, choosing something like rockers can come handy as they also making cleaning and dusting easy. A wise selection of seating helps you to save space. There are seating which has storage area. Such seating can save you the space used for storage racks and also makes the living room look modern.

Display artwork

If you are an art lover or have plenty of artwork to display, the living room will be the best choice. Fill up the one side wall of the room with art work placing in such a way that it adds beauty to the room and also makes the walls look higher than usual. Such a way you can make the room look larger than it is.

Floor carpet

The floor carpet adds to the beauty of the room. Select the carpet in such a way that it makes the room brighter and cool. Carpet designs should go along with the furniture as well as walls of the room. Choose the carpets with soft texture so there would not be any discomfort for a leg while using it. Carpets help in improving the look of the room.

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