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6 Simple Styling Tips That Will Take Your Interior Design To The Next Level

Have you ever gone to a friend’s house and felt like it was just too good for them? The interior design is so beautiful that it feels overdone. If this has happened to you, these six simple styling tips are what you need! They will help take your interior design to the next level without costing a fortune or taking up hours of your time.

1 Hang up Pictures and Art

Pictures and art instantly add personality and character to a room. They as well help define the space by adding visual interest and breaking up blank walls. When choosing what pieces to hang, be sure to consider the size, shape, and style of the art and the surrounding decor.

The frames you choose should complement the art, but they don’t have to be an exact match. For example, you could buy one gallery frame in a dark wood tone and then use various sized white frames with different finishes for your other pieces. Thankfully, it’s easier to order made to measure picture frames in the UK than ever before. This means that you can have your customized frames made to fit your artwork perfectly, no matter the size or shape.

In art, there are no rules! Be creative and hang what you love. A gallery wall of family photos, travel posters, or even just a selection of exciting prints can add personality to a room.

2. Repainting

Do you feel like you’ve been staring at the same walls for years? One of the easiest and simple ways to refresh a room is painting or adding wallpaper. When choosing new colors, look around your home and see what you like in other rooms. There are no rules for color; mix and match whatever speaks to you until your space feels fresh again!

3. Add Plants to your House

Adding some greenery to your living room is one of the quickest ways to give it a fresh look instantly. It can be as simple as an indoor plant on your coffee table or something more extravagant like giant ferns in the corner.

Plants help purify the air inside your house to breathe easier, and they also provide living green energy that makes any room feel alive! Whatever kind of plants you choose for decorating with them, make sure to find ones suitable for where you live because some might need lots of sunlight while others thrive in shady areas. If you’re not entirely confident about how much water a particular plant needs, ask at the store before purchasing it – all good garden centers have staff who are happy to advise this matter.

4. Invest in furniture that has a timeless appeal 

While photos, painting, and adding some greenery can give your home’s interior a better look for a short time, what you need is furniture that has an ageless quality. Vintage pieces are always in demand and can be used to give your home’s decor the much-needed sophistication it deserves. However, if vintage isn’t your thing, try out postmodern or mid century modern designs as they have been trending for quite some time now.

Don’t go overboard with trendy stuff because it will not only date itself quickly but also take away from the rest of the design elements. That being said, don’t purchase any piece without considering its impact on other things around it before making a decision either way!

5. Bring in Natural Lighting

Lighting is an essential aspect of creating a beautiful interior design. Whether you have an entire room dedicated to plants or want to bring in some natural light by adding greenery near your windows, it’s crucial for this lighting to be as effective as possible.

Make sure that the placement of any lamps is carefully considered, so there are no dark spots and every part of the room will feel illuminated. You can also introduce mirrors into corners or neglected areas which may help bounce more natural light around the space if needed!

6. Throw in Some Rugs

Adding some rugs to your home will immediately give it a more personal touch. Rugs are great to place in front of furniture or at the entrance, but don’t stop there! You can also put rugs on stairs, behind nightstands, and even under tall dressers.

Rug placement is something that people often overlook because they believe that just one rug won’t make much difference. However, you need to remember that every element in interior design should complement each other for an overall impact; if not, consider removing them from the room altogether.

Improving your ability to style your home can be a great way to help you feel more comfortable in it. These ideas are meant to give you some guidance, but, ultimately, that sense of comfort can come from finding what works to your advantage and then practicing that over and over again until it becomes second nature.

While at it, do not forget the importance of combining styles while keeping other factors such as location or budget in mind at all times!

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