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Jump Shot: A Quick History of Nike Air Jordans

Sometimes I dream. That he is me.

The lyrics to that song “Like Mike” probably take you back to the eighties and nineties, when Michael Jordan was carving out his legacy as the greatest athlete of all time, the biggest sports icon ever, and a pop culture sensation.

While Michael Jordan has long since hung up his shoes, those shoes remain as collector’s items and iconic unto themselves. This is why kids who never saw him play a game a day in their lives collect Air Jordan shoes. The history of the shoe is rich, and the shoes are like art pieces.

So what should you know about these Nike Air Jordan shoes?

Whether you’re trying to work on your jump shot or just sport some new kicks, consider the points in this article. 

It All Started With the Jordan 1 and the Decision to Go With Nike

First off, keep in mind that Michael Jordan put Nike on the map with the Air Jordan brand.

Shoes like Converse, Adidas, and Puma were far more popular at the time, when Jordan, a college student fresh off of a legendary championship-winning amateur career declared for the NBA draft.

This shoe changed footwear forever and the effects are still felt today. The Air Jordan 1 was the first released by the Jordan brand, and there have been several shoes released ever since.

The releases of Air Jordans are like a timestamp of Michael Jordan’s career. You can match a famous Michael Jordan moment with the shoe he was wearing when it happened. 

Each shoe is different from the next and crafted with impeccable detail. This is why both sports fans and people who love fashion are drawn to the Jordan brand.

What Makes Jordans Such a Great Investment

The quality of the shoes is what really sets Air Jordans apart. They are made to last and are comfortable shoes to play in. This is why so many athletes in different sports are sponsored by the Jordan brand.

Collectors love them because even though they have a hefty price tag, you always know that you are getting your money’s worth from them. Plus, these shoes come with modifications and alterations when re-released.

The Limited releases that come out ensure that your collection will always retain lots of value and only increase in value on the resellers market. You can also round out your collection with special releases such as the Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull and the Raptors. 

Work on Your Jump Shot in Some New Air Jordans

Remember Michael Jordan’s final jump shot as a Chicago Bull against the Utah Jazz to give him his sixth championship ring? Perhaps you remember the buzzer-beater in Cleveland known as “The Shot.” Maybe you had tears in your eyes seeing the sacrifices he made during the “Flu Game.”

No matter your favorite Michael Jordan moment, there’s always an iconic pair of Air Jordans to go with it. This is why the history of these shoes is crucial to pop culture and the game of basketball itself. 

There are plenty of pairs for you to choose between if you’re thinking about becoming a collector. Let the tips above get you started. 

Come back for more info on sports, fashion, and so much more. 

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