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Kris Krohn Net Worth in 2024 – How Wealthy is the Real Estate Businessman?

Kris Krohn is a versatile individual with expertise in various fields, including real estate, entrepreneurship, and content creation. Initially, he ventured into real estate investing and later transitioned into the realm of education, where he imparts knowledge on wealth-building strategies. As of 2024, Kris Krohn’s financial standing is reflected in a net worth of $65 million, showcasing his success across diverse endeavors.

Personal Life

Kristoffer Andrew Krohn entered the world on September 24, 1979, in Utah, under the care of Klaus and Eileen Krohn. Details about his early life and potential siblings remain elusive. His educational journey led him to Eastlake High School in Redmond, Washington, where he completed his studies and graduated in 1998.

Contrary to expectations, Krohn pursued a degree in Psychology and Human Development at Brigham Young University, deviating from the anticipated business-oriented path. Despite the surprise, his academic choices laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Post-graduation, Kris delved into the realm of real estate, utilizing home equity loans to secure properties. This strategic approach involves borrowing against the equity in one’s property, a method that proved successful over the past decade due to favorable interest rates, even though its efficacy has diminished in the current market landscape.


Embarking on his career, Kris Krohn discovered his enthusiasm for real estate sales during the 1990s and early 2000s. Following this realization, he gained experience by working with several Utah-based real estate agents. Subsequently, he took a bold step by founding his own ventures, namely Real Estate Investors Club and Strongbrook Group. This strategic move catapulted him into millionaire status by his mid-20s.

Kris Krohn Net Worth

Kris Krohn Net Worth

Kris asserts ownership of approximately 400 properties across the United States, employing creative strategies such as acquiring some with no money down. According to Social Blade, his YouTube channel garners around 30,000 daily views. Based on a CPM (cost per thousand views) of $10, this translates to an estimated monthly income of $9,000 from YouTube ads alone.

The substantial portion of Kris’s wealth is attributed to his income streams from Real Estate Investors Club and The Strongbrook Group. As early, his earnings from these enterprises had already reached about $5 million. Currently, in 2024 net worth stands at $75 million. However, with the real estate market exhibiting signs of slowdown, it could potentially impact his overall wealth.

How does Kris Krohn make his money?

Kris Krohn generates income through various channels, primarily within the real estate and education sectors. Here are key ways Kris Krohn makes his money.

Does Kris Krohn live in Utah?

As of my last available information, Kris Krohn resides in Utah. However, please note that personal circumstances, including the residence of public figures, may change over time. It’s advisable to check more recent sources for the latest information regarding Kris Krohn’s current residence.

What is Kris Krohn selling?

Kris Krohn is primarily known for selling educational content and services related to real estate investment and wealth-building strategies. Through his companies, such as Real Estate Investors Club and Strongbrook Group, Krohn provides coaching, courses, and resources to individuals seeking guidance in the field of real estate. Additionally, he may generate income through book sales, online programs, and other educational products. While he may have various income streams, his focus is on offering educational content and services to help others navigate the real estate market and build wealth.


  1. Who is Kris Krohn?
    • Kris Krohn is a renowned figure in the real estate industry, known for his expertise as a real estate investor, bestselling author, businessman, and YouTuber.
  2. How did Kris Krohn get started in real estate?
    • Kris Krohn initially entered the real estate sector by working for various Utah-based real estate agents during the 1990s and early 2000s. He later established his own companies, Real Estate Investors Club and Strongbrook Group.
  3. How many properties does Kris Krohn own?
    • Kris Krohn claims to own around 400 properties in the United States, employing strategies such as purchasing some with no money down.
  4. What is Kris Krohn’s YouTube channel about?
    • Kris Krohn’s YouTube channel covers topics related to real estate, wealth-building, and financial education. He shares insights, strategies, and advice for individuals interested in real estate investment.

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