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Looking To Make The Eldest One At Home More Active? Here Are 5 Low-Effort Exercises For Seniors 

With age, many face changes in how their body functions and reacts to various exercises or tasks. As a result, things one could do easily, without a strain to their body, now seem too challenging. And that’s completely okay!

As you age, the amount of strain the body and mind can handle decreases drastically. However, with regular exercises and activities, your body can feel energized, fresh, strong, and pumped up at all times. Not just that, these also help enhance your overall cognitive functioning. Taking time out of your schedule every day to exercise as a senior holds even more importance in life as it keeps common ailments like heart diseases, weakened bones and joints, and diabetes at bay. But if exercising as a senior is difficult and the inappropriate activity can lead to hazardous consequences, how can you find a great workout that suits your body and meets your needs? The answer: low-impact exercises.

Low impact exercises are a great way to keep your body moving while not putting up a challenge too taxing to your body. We’ve put together a list of five of these exercises you can begin today. 

1. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent exercise for older adults looking for a low-intensity workout. It helps improve your stamina and flexibility without posing any threat to your bones and joints. In addition, due to the water’s buoyant effect, your body relieves stress and cools you down well. 

While you swim laps around the pool, you constantly stretch your back, shoulders, and legs, helping your muscles and tendons receive some form of relief. With each stroke, you use a different muscle, helping you work out efficiently and effectively. 

And what’s better? If you find a communal gym with a pool, you can take a membership with your friends for a fun and exciting workout!

2. Yoga

Not every yoga class ends in the ever-difficult crow’s pose. There are multiple studios nowadays that hold special yoga classes for seniors with programs that consist of low-impact exercises that benefit your body without any potentially difficult exercises. A combination of stretches, breathing exercises, strength training, and balance—these yoga classes are designed to fulfill the needs of senior citizens. 

Just like swimming, you could join the classes with a group of friends and enjoy your time together. 

3. Sitting Workouts

If you have mobility issues or a recent injury that’s left you slightly weakened, there’s a workout routine designed especially for you. A chair exercise for seniors includes low-impact training to improve movement and blood circulation to the targetted area, build muscle, and help your joints move easily. 

4. Strength Training

Strength training is for everyone, regardless of age. You can use resistance bands or light weights to do exercises, including upper and lower body workouts. Take gaps between each session to help your body rest. It is also ideal to get a professional trainer if you’re working out with weights as a senior to ensure you don’t end up facing a severe injury. 

5. Walking 

Finally, there is no way we can forget about walking. Walking is the easiest, low-impact, and efficient way to get healthier as a senior. 

All you need is a good pair of shoes, and you’re good to go! This is ideal for beginners starting their fitness journey or those who can’t afford classes and memberships. Focus on not over-exerting yourself, and remember to stretch before and after your daily walks. 

Making time to stay active should be on everyone’s daily to-do list. However, with age, you must include some workouts into your everyday life to ensure a healthy lifestyle for years to come.  With better endurance, flexibility, and posture owing to daily exercise, you can have a healthier, happier, and safer life.

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