Lucy Thomas Manning

Unknown Facts of Lucy Thomas Manning

Lucy Thomas Manning was born on June 17, 2013, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She is the daughter of American football player Eli Manning and fashion designer Abby Mcgrew. The couple announced their pregnancy in March 2013, and lucy thomas manning had her first breath in June. Unfortunately, her birth was not reported until July 4th. Lucy is occasionally observed on strolls with her parents, despite her parents’ efforts to keep her private. 

Personal Life: 

Eli and Abby married in 2012. They have had many rumors about the couple’s status, including fires in their New York penthouse, separation and reuniting. Lucy’s parents announced that they would not be releasing any photos or information about their daughter unless she wanted to. But on February 2, 2014, Abby stated that they wanted to sanitize the image of Eli and Abby as a family with Lucy’s first breath and added that it may have been premature at that time. 

This was after they had dinner with Lucy’s godfather Ben Mcgrew, who is Eli’s brother and her uncle. Despite the recent rumors of marital problems between Eli and Abby, sources claim otherwise. However, this is true because they had a separation in 2015. Despite their problems, they are still together and married. In December 2015, her father announced on instagram that Lucy had been given a new name, he said that the name was inspired by his late mother and the name Lucy after his mother Lucy. Her new name is Rumi Manning.

Lucy Thomas Manning

Unknown Facts of Lucy Thomas Manning:

1. Lucy Thomas Manning is just a nine-year-old girl right now.

2. She has three siblings: Ava Frances Manning, Caroline Olivia Manning, and Charles Elisha Manning.

3. Eli Manning is her father and we know the best as the former New York Giants NFL quarterback.

4. Lucy Thomas Manning celebrates her birthday every year on the 17th of July. Moreover, we should also note that her birth year is 2013. 

5. Although many claims have been made, the young girl has not appeared in any of the media. When she was born, her mother released the news to all publications.

6. She is a part-time model for Manning’s Clothing Company and does make-up for her famous father on set for his Modern Family tv show. 

7. She is a fan favorite of Modern Family and has been since she was a baby. 

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