Marketing Blueprint: How to Create a Great Sales Funnel

Customers go through various different stages from the time they first see your product to the time they buy it. It is your responsibility to make them see the product, so it is no wonder that it should also be your responsibility to slowly, but securely, guide them towards actually making a purchase. The journey they’ll take from noticing to buying is a rather important one, and the great thing is that the marketers have an impact on said journey. Meaning, they could influence customer behavior to a certain extent, if they play their cards right.

What does playing their cards right mean here, though? Anything but winging it. Sure, we need to be more precise than that, but in the beginning, it is crucial for you to understand that winging it, taking action as you go and hoping you’re doing the right thing is definitely not a set of moves you should be taking if aiming at getting customers. And especially not if aiming at getting loyal ones. Being much more careful than that is important. Hence the need to play your cards right.

The game, of course, consists of the right strategies, and a sales funnel is one of those strategies to adopt. The steps you’ll take in creating it, and the stages that the customers will later go through thanks to your assistance can be regarded as those cards you’ll have to play so as to win at the game. Losing the metaphor, though, what I’m trying to say is that you’ll need to create a great sales funnel if you want to lead your potential customers from awareness to purchase, and even to loyalty.

It’s quite clear already that you need to have a sales funnel, but you may be confused about how to actually create one, which is perfectly normal. It’s not like you can just imagine one of these and have them appear right in front of your eyes out of nowhere. A strategy that is bound to be highly successful and that aims at attracting clients, moving them towards making a purchase, as well as retaining the, will definitely need to be comprehensive enough and thought about in great details. And, it is your task to carefully create the funnel. Creating a great marketing blueprint and a plan that will guide you towards the creating of the perfect funnel is certainly important, and you just need to learn how to do it.

This is why having a marketing blueprint in the first place is so important: 

Analyze Consumer Behavior & Create a Buyer Persona

Learning how to do this, that is, how to actually create the perfect blueprint for your sales funnel and ultimately make a great one to support your business efforts and guide you towards success, is undeniably rather significant. And, if you’re ready to do the learning, then you’ll benefit from getting some tips on the actual process of making the sales funnel. Tips I’ve decided to share right now. Starting with the most basic one everyone should always have in mind.

Don’t have a buyer persona? Then you’ll just be roaming around in the dark, hoping to make some sales and even randomly make those from time to time, but that won’t be enough. If you really want to reach great success and create the perfect funnel that will lead you towards it, you’ll need to create a buyer persona. Analyzing the consumer data you’ve gathered through sales reports, sales data, previous customers’ data and pretty much anything else that can be of help, will make the process of creating the right buyer persona and thus the right funnel much easier.

Grab the Customer’s Attention

The funnel won’t work if the initial stage isn’t completed the right way, the stage aiming at grabbing customers’ attention before they even know that your brand exists. You need to find a way to get the word out there and get people to notice you, notice your products and your services. Developing a good social media presence, writing blog posts, using infographics, videos and other types of engaging content can help you raise people’s awareness of your brand and grab the attention of your customers. A stage at which they will begin their journey and hopefully end it in making a purchase.

Take Them to a Landing Page

Once you’ve raised someone’s interest in the products or the services you’re selling, you need to do your best to even enhance their interest by basically helping them easily get all the information they need. Taking them to a landing page will do the trick and get your potential customers much more familiar with what you are selling and with how that works. Not only should you describe the product or the service on this page, but you should also get the potential clients briefly acquainted with your company, explaining what sets you apart from the competition. And, of course, no landing page will be complete without a proper Call to Action (CTA), so remember to add it and hopefully achieve in collecting people’s e-mails and info that allows you to stay in touch.

Use a Template

Sounds too complicated for now? Being new to the whole story, it sure can sound complicated. The great thing, though, is that you can rely on Clickfunnels and similar tools to provide you with the template you need when creating your sales funnel blueprint. A template that will make the entire process much easier, and possibly more successful.

Nurture the Customers

Don’t expect people to buy right away after reaching your landing page, though. You’ve warmed them up, but you still need to nurture them and ensure they won’t forget your brand. Of course, it is in this stage that you’ll make them an offer, and while someone may be ready to make a purchase immediately, others may take some more time, which is all perfectly normal. Keeping in touch and nurturing your customers doesn’t stop after they’ve bought your product or service, though, because it is your goal to retain them.

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