Patriot Front: Elon Musk’s Curious Reply Feeds Theory They Are “Feds” 

Patriot Front, a group declared as supremacist by the ADL, consists of white supremacists from various parts of the United States. They held a march in New York on Saturday. Several videos of the march were shared on X

Some netizens claimed that the group is actually a fake group created by the FBI to incite unrest in the country. That accusation is not confirmed, so it can be untrue.

Even Elon Musk, the owner of X, joined in on the speculation by questioning a photo posted by Champagne Joshi. The photo showed some of the group members being arrested. Musk tweeted on Saturday asking why they were not unmasked. 

Joshi had replied to Elon by referring to the hate group as “Fed Front,” he tweeted, “How many times have you seen a group of masked men dressed the same, handcuffed with not one mask pulled off to reveal their identity? This is aimed at gullible libtards who want to believe these are ‘white nationalists’ because it affirms their worldview and it’s an election year.”

But identities of many Patriot Front members have become public knowledge in recent years. Thirty one, (31), of the group members had their identities revealed in 2022 as shown in this post. Many netizens responded that it was a mock arrest and wasn’t true. 

Netizens responses 

People had different reactions to the Patriot Front’s march. Some expressed concern and condemned their ideologies, while others criticized the lack of action taken against the group. It’s a topic that sparks a lot of debate and discussion. 

A netizen named Jesse Kelly tweeted that “The story isn’t that these are feds. Everyone knows that by now.

The story is, as it often is, why? Why would the feds run an op like this?

Ask yourself that question. You won’t like the answers.”

Kyle Becker also tweeted  “The Feds are telling on themselves by running these ridiculous entrapment ops.

If they’re willing to rub this op in our faces, they are willing to carry out a J6 plot.

It’s become abundantly obvious. These are KGB-type commies who are in our own U.S. government. 

These fed agencies are now run by left-wing ideologues who are a clear and present danger to the American people.”

Patriot Front Origin

According to Patriot Front – ISD Patriot Front is a group that emerged after the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville in 2017. It split from the white nationalist organization Vanguard America due to disagreements between their leaders. Vanguard America faced negative publicity when one of their members was involved in the Charlottesville car attack. 

In August 2017, Patriot Front’s current leader, Thomas Ryan Rousseau, took advantage of the situation to rebrand the organization and distance it from Vanguard America. 

The rebranding aimed to present a white nationalist group with a more appealing public image and subtle strategies to promote their white supremacist ideology. The exact size of the organization is unclear, but leaked internal communication from January 2022 suggested they had around 200 to 300 active members at that time.

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