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Popular National Parks That You Need To Visit

Everyone wants to visit a national park. They are beautiful, offer lots of activities, and provide endless opportunities for adventure. The only problem is that there are so many to choose from! This article will help you figure out which national parks you should visit based on the criteria of your choosing. We made a list of the most popular national parks that you need to visit.

Joshua tree

Located in southeastern California, this national park is known for its beautiful desert landscape and wildlife. The best time to visit the area is during the springtime when everyone wants to check out the wildflowers that grow there. You can also climb through some of the local rocks or mountain peaks. This place has a little bit of everything so you never know what adventure awaits around every corner.

There are several ways to get into the park such as by car, bike, or foot (hiking). There are no campgrounds located within Joshua Tree National Park but you can seek hotels in Joshua Tree where visitors may stay. If you want somewhere else to rest your head, you can also stay in nearby towns such as Palm Springs or Desert Hot Springs.

Joshua Tree National Park is open all year round but checks out its hours before visiting because the park closes at night and opens early in the morning. If you’re on foot, be sure to bring some water with you because this place has little shade (if any) available throughout your journey.

Acadia National Park

This national park is located along the coast of Maine and covers over 48,000 acres. If you like to hike, bike, climb mountains (or peaks), or camp in beautiful locations then this place is for you. Acadia offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration but also has a few museums that are worth checking out as well.

Acadia National Park can be reached by major highways such as I-95 which runs through Portland and Bangor. There are multiple visitor centers across the area where tourists may ask any questions they have about the different trails available there. The best time to visit Acadia is during the summer months when everyone wants to check out some fresh seafood from nearby towns.

Arches National Park

Located in southeastern Utah, Arches is best known for its beautiful red rocks that stand tall throughout the landscape. You can see these unique formations by taking a walk through one of the many trails available there or going off-roading/four-wheeling on some of the side roads (roads not maintained by officials).

Arches National Park is open all year round and does not charge an entrance fee to get into this national hot spot. It’s also located along the major highway I-70 which runs through Denver Colorado so getting here won’t be hard regardless if you’re coming from out of state (or country). The park has several picnic sites available but no designated campgrounds are found within Arches.

The Great Smoky Mountains

Known for its vibrant fall foliage, Great Smoky is located in North Carolina and Tennessee. If you’re a hiker or enjoy the outdoors then this national park has plenty of trails to choose from. There are also some great places where you can fish, camp overnight (or longer), or simply take in all that nature has to offer around every corner.

Great Smoky National Park charges an entrance fee but it’s only $20 per vehicle so this isn’t going to break your wallet either. This place opens at different times throughout the year depending on what time of year it is. Be sure to check out their website before visiting because they do close certain roads due to weather conditions at certain points.

Everglades National Park

Located in southern Florida, the Everglades is a subtropical area that has plenty of different wildlife roaming around. You can visit this national park by taking an airboat ride to see some alligators up close and personal or simply walking along with one of their many trails (hiking). This place is best known for its beautiful sunsets so be sure to check out Flamingo where you’ll find numerous observation decks available for your viewing pleasure.

Everglades National Park charges $25 per vehicle but there are no entrance fees if you’re on foot. The park opens at different times throughout the year depending on what time it is so make sure to double-check before visiting just in case.

Popular National Parks

National parks are some of the most popular tourist destinations. They offer a chance to explore new places, experience nature on our home soil, and learn about local history all at once. If you’ve never been to one before or have only visited a few select parks, consider taking this opportunity to see more of what these national treasures have to offer.

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