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6 Popular Sneaker Brands That Are Worth All Your Money

Did you know that only 20% of people bought shoes from a specialty footwear store last year in the United States? 

Most people buy their shoes at large department stores or through online retailers, which can limit your options.

If you need to buy new sneakers and want to save time by only looking at the best, there are a couple of options to consider. 

Continue reading to discover the most popular sneaker brands that can lead you to your dream pair of shoes! 

1. Nike

One of the most popular sneaker brands on the market is Nike.

Nike is probably the most popular sneaker brand because they have different styles for sporting events and hobbies. Whether you need soccer cleats or running shoes for an indoor track, Nike has multiple options to choose from.

Many people like Nike sneakers because they are comfortable and provide plenty of support for your feet. Depending on the purpose of your sneakers, you can get customized pairs that match your personality and comfort. 

The Nike swoosh can be found on many feet around the world because it has grown such a positive reputation. Although Nike has only been around for about 50 years, it made its name known and you can find them at almost every retailer. 

2. Adidas 

You might be wondering, what is the most popular sneaker brand aside from Nike? The answer is Adidas!

Adidas and Nike have competed for many years and both companies produce excellent quality shoes. Adidas is a unique shoe brand that incorporates retro styles that will catch the attention of your competitors. You can identify Adidas shoes with the three stripes going off the sides of the shoe. 

You can buy more Adidas shoes and look at the Yeezy collection. These shoes are one of the hottest trends and come in a variety of styles to fit your personality and team colors. If you are looking for casual and comfortable footwear, Adidas is probably the best option to consider.

The large rubber sole on the bottom of the shoes provides your body with plenty of support and can make long walks more enjoyable. 

3. Converse

If you are looking for a casual or skating sneaker, you should look into buying the Converse brand.

Converse shoes have been around for a long time and originally gained popularity at the start of basketball. These shoes come in a few varieties, some with high-tops while others sit at the bottom of your ankle. The original converse shoe can be recognized with its black material, white laces, and large, white rubber sole. 

Many people get Converse shoes because they are durable and can handle outdoor hobbies such as skateboarding and biking. Although these shoes are more casual than fashion sneakers, they still pair excellently with jeans and a t-shirt. Make sure that you try on your Converse shoes before making a purchase, as the fronts of the shoe are often wider than sneakers from Nike and Adidas. 

4. Reebok

Another common option to consider from the list of popular sneaker brands is Reebok. 

Reebok originally started in Britain and grew popularity in Boston and the United States rather quickly. This shoe brand has perfect comfort levels for their shoes and provided buyers will endless sneakers to choose from. 

One of the best things about Reebok shoes is that they are fashion sneakers and can be worn with more serious outfits. Reebok is also a good brand to consider if you want to avoid the high costs of Nike and Adidas shoes. 

The most common activities that Reebok designs their sneakers for are fitness, Crossfit, and running. You can even find outfits and accessories that match your shoes when you buy Reebok because they are a brand that does it all! 

5. New Balance 

The best sneaker brands use high-quality materials that make shoes more durable and ready to handle whatever is thrown their way.

New Balance shoes are made with the best fabrics and leather so that they last longer than their mesh competitors. These shoes are practical and provide the support that makes walks and runs comfortable, even after a few miles have gone by. 

No matter what type of style clothes you wear, you will be able to find New Balance shoes that match your personality. They have shoes in bright colors and neutrals, which will work for any occasion or game you have coming up. 

6. Asics

If you are a runner or volleyball player, you have likely heard of the sneaker brand Asics.

Asics is one of the best sneakers to purchase if you want the best performance and support. These shoes have a durable sole that will support sudden movements and jumps. As you land on each foot while running, Asics will help push you forward with a comfortable step. 

As the Asics brand has grown in popularity, they have been able to produce more fashion-focused sneakers. This makes it easy for you to pair them with team jerseys and casual outfits. Many people recommend getting Asics shoes in all black or white because they look so nice. 

Wear These Popular Sneaker Brands

There are many popular sneaker brands to consider when trying to find new shoes for your sporting team or daily runs.

By utilizing this guide, you can determine which company best fits your needs. Each brand has a variety of styles to choose from, this makes it easy to pair them with your favorite outfits and jerseys. 

Although you can buy shoes online, it is best to try them on at the store first. This is because it will allow you to compare the support from the sole and fit around your foot. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about popular running sneaker brands and improving your fitness routine! 

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