Slip and Fall Cases Payouts

Everything You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Cases Payouts

Slip and falls account for around 1 million emergency room visits every year in the US, which is 12% of total falls. But what happens if a location or person is responsible for your slip and fall?

Slip and fall cases payouts are a common type of personal injury claim. When someone slips, falls, and is injured at someone else’s property, they may be entitled to a payout to compensate for the costs of the injury. This type of case is commonly grouped under premises liability cases too. 

However, it is not simple to navigate cases. Often you need a personal injury lawyer to help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about slip and fall cases payouts. 

Average Payouts

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, non-fatal fall injuries account for $50 billion in medical costs each year.

Slip and fall payouts can vary, but the costs associated mean average payouts can range from $15,000 to over $50,000 for minor injuries. However, every case is different, and it depends on various factors, such as if you have a slip and fall lawyer. 

Slip and Fall Payout Factors 

Several factors determine the payout amount. The main determining factor is your medical bills. However, lost wages, emotional suffering, expected future costs, and lost wages are some other factors that determine the payout amount.

Sometimes emotional suffering can be the most significant part of a settlement because some fall cases cause substantial mental and physical consequences. 

Slip and Fall Evidence

You have to build a case for a personal injury case. Rules can vary depending on your state, but usually, you have to evidence several factors to win a settlement. For example, if you can prove that the defendant failed to maintain safe premises and the negligence caused your injury, then you can be successful. 

Slip and Fall Claims Process 

Only four to five percent of slip and fall cases go to trial like most personal injury cases. Most slip and fall case payouts happen before trial through a settlement process. There are usually discussions between a slip and fall attorney and the defendant’s lawyers to reach an agreement. 

Importance of a Personal Injury Lawyer 

Slip and fall case payouts are not easy to obtain. It is best to seek support from a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with slip and fall cases. They have the experience to navigate the legal system and present a strong case for you.

Be sure to pick a reputable law firm to help with your case, such as Sweet Lawyers. Check them out here. 

Understand Slip and Fall Cases Payouts

It can be highly distressing to experience a slip and fall. However, with the proper support and planning, you can get the compensation you deserve. While it does not change what happened, it can make your recovery more comfortable.

However, you need to understand slip and fall cases payouts to increase your chance of winning your case. Seek the help of a slip and fall attorney.

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