Space Movie 1992

Space Movie 1992 – Why we should try not to google it?

Have you watched the space movie 1992 before?

If yes, then you must have aware of every happening and scene and the story

For the people who read this article, who didn’t watch this movie…. ohohh sorry “A SHORT MOVIE” let me feed your brain with some curiosity before you watch.

This space movie is especially meant for Men and gays where they also call this movie as “Gay niggers from outer space”

Before I start. Here are some official details about the space movie 1992

Who made the space movie?

directorMorten Lindberg
editorPrami Larsen
screenwriterMorten Lindberg Per kristensen
producerDino Raymond Hansen Lamont Sanford
Production companyLindberg/Kristensen Film

The movie poster:

What the running time of the movie?

The full length movie time – 26 minutes

Cast, actors and crew of space movie 1992?

Here are some few crews who worked in the short movie

Coco P. Dalbert as Armin AssSammy Saloman as Captain B. dick
Gerald F. Hall as D.ildoGbartokai as sergeant shaved balls
Konrad fields as Mr. SchwulJohnny Conny as black gay Ambassador
Tony Thomas as white gay AmbassadorAnne busacker
Bob HarrisBob Rockwell
rob PedersonTorben Zenth
Scott ritterChapper

And so on.

What is space movie 1992?

space movie 1992

The original title of the space movie is “Gayniggers from outer space”

The movie is classified under the Gay related comedy and fun oriented sci-fi genre film.

This movie has become the talk of the town when some random reddit user tweeted “don’t google the space movie”

This created a curiosity among people and we can judge “it was just a trick” which triggered many people made to google the space movie.

It is a kind of blaxploitation short film and become a boom in the Hollywood at that time

Now let us see,

The short story of the space movie 1992:

The story begins with white and black picture and later turns into colour movie.

The Extra terrestrial beings from outer space came to know about women creatures living on the earth and then comes to earth to free up men from dominating women.

They leave a gay Ambassador in the earth to teach and to make way to homosexual society.

They use Ray guns to eliminate women one by one from the earth. 

The movie is kind of criticizing the women. But the time of releasing the movie, there wasn’t much influenced by the people.

In the recent times, people started to question and make voice about this movie for portraying women in a bad and criticizing way.

This movie was filmed and released in Denmark in English language.

Is the space movie 1992 is available on Netflix?

No, the gay niggers from outer space movie is not available in Netflix so far.

You can rarely download it

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