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The Cultural Drives of Ireland

If you’re not jetting off in a plane this year then you may want to consider a driving holiday. There are plenty of places to explore in the UK like the Llyn peninsula in Wales, the stunning lochs of Scotland, or the South coast of England. The latest eBook from car insurance providers Chill Insurance is called#CulturalDrivesand it got me thinking about the amazing drives Ireland has to offer.

Ireland is home to stunning scenery, history, and heritage, many of which are mentioned in the eBook which is worth a read.

However, some of my favorite drives were not mentioned and here is why I love the East of Ireland.

The East of Ireland

Home to 17 countries and approximately 5,000 years of history this ancient part of Ireland is an amazing place to explore. From gothic architecture to green lands that run for miles, this area is home to myths and legends of great knights and Vikings who concurred the land many thousands of years before.

Starting from Cavern Burren Park to the Celtic Coast get ready to explore the ancient east.

Cavern Burren Park

Located on the border of the ‘land of 5,000 dawns’ Cavern Burren Park is a relict landscape that consists of a limestone bedrock that has taken shape over 335 plus million years. If you love history and geography this is a sight to withhold and a place to learn.

Once there you can enjoy peaceful walks as you take in the rugged landscape. There is also a visitors center where you will learn about the site and why it is so important.


Heading to the ‘land of 5,000 dawns’ Knowth (no it’s not filled with hobbit homes) is a prehistoric art tomb built in 3,200 BC. This site consists of over 200 decorated stones, with 120 stones being placed within the Great Mound passage tomb. There are smaller mounds surrounding this each covered with grass.

Although now known as an attraction it is still a very quiet place, which is perfect for reflection. There is a spiritual vibe in the air and those who are sensitive to this will feel at home.

Birr Castle

From Knowth, we now head to the land of knights and kings, known as the ‘Historic Heartlands’ there are plenty of castles to behold. Dating back to medieval times, Birr Castle was built by Anglo Normans and has stood the test of time, with a few bumps along the way.

This castle is the perfect place to take the whole family with magnificent gardens and Science Centre there is plenty for all to enjoy, and learn whilst doing so!

The Copper Coast

Moving away from the heartlands and to the ‘Celtic Coast’,it is time to explore the County Waterford coastline. This coastal area if flooded with history from the rocks that tell us stories from 460 million years ago to the latest attractions built by man to inform and teach.

When visiting you will feel the history that is alive here, the ruins and ridged landscape all portray its history.

The Ancient East has something for all and is a definite place to visit if you’re in Ireland. The drives from place to place also provide beautiful scenery. Therefore, what are you waiting for start creating a story of your own in this historic peace of Ireland.


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