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The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Skincare Routine

Achieving maximum results in skincare does not only depend on following a suitable routine but also following the right order to this routine. Our skin selects specific compounds and molecules to absorb at different times of the day, which means that knowing the exact ingredients for this time is a highly important factor to achieve better results. In order to reach the ultimate benefit of skincare products without wasting them, you need to follow a useful guide. Read through our article to know the ultimate guide to the perfect skincare routine.

Skincare Steps: Determine the Right Order

For everything, there’s a manual and a way to tell you how to use it in order to make it beneficial. The same goes for skincare products, you have to read the description of the product you’re using, first to know the ingredients, and second to know how to apply this product. One of the basic rules in applying a skincare routine is to start with the thinnest products first; water-based products get the maximum absorption.


Skin cleansers are a vital part of a skincare routine. Before applying any products to your skin, the number one rule is to clean it from dirt first. A deep skin cleansing removes dirt and excessive oils that result in many skin imperfections and problems. The best deep skin cleansing process to achieve good results is to wash your face with an oil-based cleanser and then give a deeper wash with a foaming cleanser afterward. This procedure will free your skin pores from any remaining make-up, oils, and dirt.

Skin Therapy

The skin is the largest and most exposed organ in our body, which makes it more vulnerable to a variety of damaging sources. Being subject to skin problems requires the intervention of medical or cosmetic dermatology, depending on your case. Since most skin conditions can be complicated to treat, such as acne, the specialists at Chantal Louise Skin Therapy recommend that each type of skin should undergo a special treatment based on internal and external factors. Skin therapy helps to improve the comprehensive health and appearance of the skin through different techniques and therapies.

Skin Treatments

Skin treatment products are crucial to maintaining skin health, especially for targeted treatments. Face serums and oils are among the best skincare routine treatments that are reflected immediately from the skin cells to the external part. This is due to the effective ingredients that contain highly concentrated liquids. The only way to protect your skin from damaging factors and breakouts is by keeping it hydrated throughout the day and even nighttime.

In order to follow the best guide for your skincare routine, you must know your skin type and the suitable products to use. If you suffer from skin problems, you should immediately seek dermatological help. The skin is exposed to many damaging factors throughout the day, such as the sun, dirt, bacteria, and other physical elements. Skin therapists are professionals who can help keep your skin in a healthy condition and appearance. Using skin care products is one thing and benefiting from them is another. If you’re applying skincare products in the wrong order, there is a high possibility that the essential ingredients are not absorbed.

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