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The Use of Spider Crane in the Construction Industry

Cranes hold immense importance in the construction industry. They contribute to the speedy, easy, and safe execution of projects. But they are not only needed in the construction industry.

Product manufacturing, aviation, shipbuilding, oil and gas, power, mining & quarrying, maintenance & repair, and film industries require them as well. This aforementioned list is certainly not exhaustive as more industries benefit from what these machines offer. For more on this, you can visit: https://small-bizsense.com/.

People in need of cranes need to make the right choice. For starters, they need to choose the right type as there are various options. Mobile, tower, gantry, overhead, floating, all-terrain, telescopic, and crawler cranes are some of the available options. Seeing how there are several types and we cannot discuss them all, our focus will be on one in particular.

Say hello to Spider Cranes!

What Is a Spider Crane?

It does not only go by the name spider crane as it may be called compact crane or mini-crawler. It is mostly used in the construction industry than in any other industry. Its compact size is its major highlight as this allows it to fit into and operate in less spacious areas.

Its structure especially when in use justifies its name – spider crane. This is given how its several legs extend outwards for support. It is possible to retract these legs to make this machine very compact and able to fit into tight spaces.

How Construction Projects Benefit from Using Spider Cranes

Spider cranes are mostly used in the construction industry as pointed out early on. The predominant use in the construction industry is because of how it significantly aids the execution of projects. Some of the ways this machine can do this include the following:

Small Size

Traditional cranes are very helpful. However, there is the devil in the detail as transporting and setting them up is a daunting task. This is as a result of their massive size. Their size could even make it impossible to use them in certain situations.

Thankfully, this is not a problem with a spider crane because of its compact size. Some can even fit into elevators and narrow doorways.

Little or No Regulatory Issues

Permits are required in most places before traditional cranes can be set up and used. This is especially the case in urban areas because of the environmental, commercial, and industrial impact of using them.

Mini-Crawlers are less demanding. For example, you would not likely have a gridlock problem after it is set up and put to use. As a result, there are places where permits are not required before they can be used. Even in places where this is necessary, there are very little or no regulatory issues to be worried about.


The size and integration of modern state-of-the-art features make spider cranes very energy efficient. For example, some options do not run on gas. Instead, some are battery-powered. This significantly lowers operational costs.

Even mini-crawlers that run on gas or other fossil fuel sources do not demand nearly as much as traditional cranes. This is not only good for financial reasons but for the environment as well. The reason is that its energy-efficient capabilities mean that its carbon footprint is very low. This is especially when compared with traditional cranes.


Of course, you already have an idea of how cost-efficient this machine is because of the earlier discussion on its low operation cost. Fortunately, there is more on how cost-efficient it is.

For starters, its purchase cost is nowhere near traditional cranes. They are a lot cheaper. There is also the maintenance cost. The cost of maintaining and even repairing this machine is typically lower than what is obtainable with traditional cranes.

It is very usual for construction machinery to be rented. Spider cranes can be rented and the good news is that renting them is a lot cheaper than renting traditional cranes.


It has been established that mini-crawlers are small-sized. However, being small-sized is not the same thing as being lightweight. It is a good thing that these machines are both small-sized and lightweight.

The impact on the construction site is one of the reasons for this. This is considering how the amount of ground pressure exerted is low. As a result, it is possible to transport and use them even on the top floors of buildings. This is not a luxury that traditional cranes can afford.

Easy Control

Remote operation is very much a possibility with these machines. This is especially the case for contemporary models. A lot of them also work with top-quality radio frequency features.

The implication is that the controller can control the machine from somewhere else with a better view. Safety is also enhanced this way.

Operational Effectiveness

These machines can do a lot on construction sites regardless of their compact size and lightweightness. For example, their retractable booms can extend to impressive heights, making it possible to lift and move objects of various sizes from one point to another.


Spider cranes can do quite a lot because of their several impressive features. A couple of these features have been discussed here. You can read this article for more on this subject.

However, make sure to do your due diligence before renting or purchasing a spider crane. The boom capabilities should be one of your major considerations. Ultimately, choose something that best suits your construction needs.

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