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Top Dental Services To Know About For Your Smile

It is much more than a plain and simple good brushing habit when it comes to a brighter smile. It will require a lot of mindfulness, discipline, and proper self-care to look and even feel the best. But, according to the famous Sedona, AZ dentist Dr. Bryan Shanahan, proper dental care and regular visits to your dentist can help you preserve your smile forever.

So, what are the dental services you must know about for your smile? If you dig a little more about the dental services, you will learn how different and useful these are for keeping the beautiful dentition intact. Let’s check out this long list below that gives a brief introduction about these dental services:

Teeth Straightening

Due to the lower and upper teeth’ abnormal alignment, people often suffer from misalignment. Some of the symptoms include deformity, misaligned teeth, etc. So, here the recommended dental service is none other than teeth straightening. 

It is the process of moving and aligning your teeth to their allocated and appropriate position according to your facial construction. The dentists do so with the help of external force and adequate pressure to treat the crooked, missing, or misaligned teeth. 

Dental Crowns

Another service that can be useful for your smile is the dental crown. These crowns are tooth-shaped caps that sit on your tooth and protect it from damage. First, the dentist will place the crown on the top of your tooth to restore its size, shape, strength, and overall appearance. Then, the professional will cement the crown into place right on your tooth and cover the visible portion correctly. 

Porcelain Veneers 

Dental veneers are also called dental porcelain laminates or porcelain veneers. These are custom-made shells that are pretty wafer-thin. These are the tooth-colored materials that can cover the teeth’s front surface for improving your smile and overall appearance. As they remain in the front area of the teeth, these veneers can change their colors, size, shape, and length accordingly. 


Dentures are also called false teeth, as these are the prosthetic devices that can replace your missing teeth. Your oral cavity surrounding soft and hard tissues can support these teeth. Also, the conventional ones are removable, either partially or fully. Remember that dentures shall never be painful for you. However, if you feel some pain or discomfort, consult your dentist immediately.

Dental Implants

Dental implants refer to the frames or metal posts your dentist can surgically position into your jawbone beneath the gums. Why? That is done to support the crowns while replacing the lost tooth. It is ideal for patients who have become edentulous. 

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joints disorder consists of various symptoms that can severely affect your health. They can be muscle tension, arthritis, injury, and grinding. Chiropractic jaw realignment can provide relief from TMJ pain and discomfort.

Some TMJ disorders include problems like jaw popping, chewing, headaches, swelling, etc. The TMJ treatment modulates the joint inflammation by irradiating TMJ and other associated muscles. As a result, it gives you maximal pain relief along with muscle relaxation.

Final Words

Apart from these, the other dental services include smile makeover, sleep apnea treatment, laser dental surgeries, oral surgery, kids’ dentistry, periodontal and gum disease treatments, etc. In any case, always make sure to go for a reputed clinic and dentists who can take proper care of your smile. 

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