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Top kitchen appliances in Malaysia

It is important to eat nutritious and tasty food for remaining healthy and productive. However, cooking healthy food can be a very time consuming process especially for professionals and employees who have a very busy schedule daily, with almost no free time. Hence most individuals and families in Malaysia are interested in purchasing suitable kitchen appliances which will reduce the time and effort for cooking food and making their favorite beverages like coffee. They would like to find out the top kitchen appliances in Malaysia and how to select the right appliances for their family. Some tips for choosing appliances are provided below.


A wide variety of kitchen appliances are available ranging from electric kettles, to food processors and baking equipment. Depending on the number and profile of family members, the frequency of using the different kitchen appliances will vary. Individuals who are living alone with a job will often use only a few appliances like electric kettle for heating water quickly and a toaster for making toasted bread. Large families with children will require more kitchen appliances, since more meals are cooked. They will often purchase baking equipment, since cakes, biscuits and other foods are baked at home.


Most kitchen appliances are available in different capacities which indicate the amount of food or beverage which can be prepared at a time. The smallest capacity is suitable for individuals or families with two members while larger appliances are sufficient for making food for up to ten people. Though the larger capacity appliances are more expensive, they can help in saving time if there are more family members or there are visitors in the house. The larger appliances also have high capacity motors, and consume more power. However, the largest home appliances also are larger in size, and require more space while using and storing them.


Another criteria for selecting the kitchen appliance is the features of the appliances. Most of the basic models of the appliance have fewer controls, and no display, so they are cheaper. These appliances have to be manually operated. In contrast the high end models of the kitchen appliances have sophisticated electronics, and programmed features so that it is easier and faster to cook a particular cake, or food item, since only a button has to be pressed. The top end appliances have a touch screen interface with controls which is easy to use, and a LED or LCD display which shows the different parameters.


The best kitchen appliances are usually made from stainless steel, which is durable and does not get corroded easily. Less expensive appliances may be using aluminum or plastic, which is less durable. The appliances are designed, so that it is easy to use them, with the help of the instructions provided in the user manual. The better designed appliances can also be easily cleaned after being used. Typically the manufacturer for top brands will offer a warranty of at least one year on all the kitchen appliances they sell, though a three or five year warranty is available for some of the most sophisticated home appliances.

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