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Treat Your Home To Elegant Hardwood Flooring In 2021

Let’s face it, your home is the biggest single investment you’ve made thus far, and the flooring is the very foundation of your living space. If you would like to replace those old ceramic tiles with a solid timber floor, or replace all the flooring with seasoned Jarrah, there are plenty of choices. The first thing to do is search online for quality hardwood flooring specialists that cover your area, then you can browse the many hardwood species, which come in all shades and with stunning grain patterns.


The favourite Australian hardwood, Jarrah has a tight grain and is deep brown, with stunning grain and when you talk to timber flooring suppliers in Melbourne, for example, they love working with Jarrah. This heavy wood is termite resistant and was used when the first settlers arrived, as Jarrah becomes very hard when seasoned, making it perfect for high traffic rooms.

European Ash

Medium brown with ripple-like grain patterns, European Ash provides an elegant and very durable floor.When you browse the flooring supplier’s website, you will find the perfect shade and grain for your home. Stunning when polished, Ash doesn’t warp and is insect resistant so if you are planning to create a European style study, Ash is the perfect choice.

Grey Gum

Another of the Eucalyptus family, Grey Gum has an elegant, flowing grain, with several shades of brown intermixed throughout. If you would like a quote for your living room, search with Google for an established hardwood floor supplier.When you select the timber, they can quote you an all-inclusive price for a professional installation. The installation is almost as important as the timber and depending on the substrate, the flooring team would make the necessary ground preparation prior to installing the floor.

Cypress Pine

A firm favourite due to the amazing colour combinations and stylish grain patterns, with rich, dark veins, making for an ideal residential flooring. Once the floor is polished and sealed, you have a very durable finish that is easy to keep clean and re-sanding every 5 years will ensure the floor retains its looks. Sealing the floor is essential for protection and a good hardwood floor will last 30-40 years or longer, with the right care.

Natural Beauty

Seasoned hardwood is one of nature’s creations and despite the emergence of composite materials, Australian homeowners still prefer hardwood for their flooring. Once installed, your hardwood flooring would be a major feature of the property and a very wise long-term investment.

Sustainable Solutions

Harvesting from controlled forests, where only certain trees are felled toward the end of life, means that your timber flooring is eco-friendly, which we all need to consider in these troubling times.

Although installing hardwood flooring is expensive, it is a very wise long-term investment and it will always be a major feature of the property. Talk to your local hardwood supplier and see what they have in stock and they would be happy to give you an all-inclusive quote.

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